Monday, August 11, 2014

Ice, Ice, Baby

Good morning, kittens. Are you awake? Are you sleepy? I’m sleepy. So how about a bucket of ice water to wake you up? Oh, not, not on you. That would be rude. How about a bucket of ice water on Rachel Maddow. Yes, Lesbian Nerd Heartthrob Rachel Maddow. Yeah, now you’re awake. The ice water trick is part of this celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge for charity. Rachel will explain the details herself. But needless to say it’s for a good cause and she also gets to throw down a challenge to Liz Cheney. So, really, it’s a wonky nerd dream come true. Happy Monday!


Carmen SanDiego said...

Dr Maddow is on my five so if sheever needs someone to warm her up after an ice cold bucket of water i available

Danie said...

Uh, I really like Rachel Maddow as much as the next person, but that's not the point of the Ice Bucket Challenge. The point isn't to give to --any-- charity (the Leadership charity seems like a great one, but still...)

The point of the Ice Bucket Challenge originally is to get more people to give to ALS charities, and to get more people aware of ALS.... It was the brainchild of Pete Frates... who has ALS (played for the BC Baseball Team) and the ALS Association’s Massachusetts Chapter.

But, once again, once Boston/Massachusetts comes up with something, the rest of the country takes it and screws with it however they want. Whatever.

Just an FYI to anyone who wanted to know the real point of the Ice Bucket challenge. {/end rant, and I won't even start on how everyone from ABC News to *grumble* Market Freakin' Basket has appropriated Boston Strong, ah well,... /}