Friday, April 18, 2014

My Weekend Crush

Every inmate dance now. If by some chance yesterday you didn’t see the first full trailer for Season 2 of “Orange Is the New Black,” I envy you the momentary anticipation before you click the play button right now. If you have already watched it, multiple times, like me I don’t envy you the burning agony of knowing how far away June 6 is. Having viewed the clip many (many, many, many) times, I have a few key thoughts.

1. Damn, Piper.

Time in the SHU has left our girl a changed woman.

2. Dayum, Vee.

Hot damn, am I excited for a new badass to make things interesting.

3. Aw, damn, Alex.

So far the split-second shot of Alex looks to be in flashback.

Netflix also released some new production stills from the season. Looks like the shot of Piper and Alex is from the same scene in the trailer.

(You can check out some more of the images here.)

Oh, and here’s a little tease from the cast. As with the show, there’s too much Larry. Dammit, June 6 is also too far away. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Ugh, Larry
Hmmm I can't remember the detail anymore, guessI should start marathoning the first season again before season 2...

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that since Alex was in the trailer just for a second at the very end, they are making one of those things where the character that is almost non-present in the trailer has actually a very big part in the show.

egghead said...

Is it wishful thinking to think that Alex is there/there? Piper is a lone wolf now -- a phrase that packs power and/or sickness. Now I want to be a lone wolf woman. Why??????? :D This show IS like "next level crazy." Can anyone tell me who that actress is playing Vee?

Eyes who are Crazy is looking better all the time to me. Come on I'll be your Dandelion. <3

Tristen said...

Alex may be in limited episode in season 2 ... But good news today that Laura P. (Alex) is scheduled to be in ALL of season 3

Great News !!!!!!

tlsintx said...

Too much Larry. HA!
No Larry'd be a lot better.