Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Orphan Upping the Ante

You know what we haven’t talked about yet? The “Orphan Black” premiere. I think it is because I still haven’t truly processed my thoughts past, “HOLY SHIT.” Which I believe is where they might stay up to and including this coming Saturday’s episode. Oh, who are we kidding – probably the whole season.

Once again, utterly unsurprisingly, Tatiana Maslany is spectacular. How she makes playing so many characters – and those same characters pretending to be other characters – seem so effortless is one of the great mysteries of our universe.

But what is really intriguing this season is not only the great mystery – like, um, what’s up with all the clones? – but the ramifications of the mystery. So hats off to those clever writers who have found a way to weave the real-life Supreme Court decision last year on human gene patents into their ever more intricate plotlines.

Those deeper, darker consequences of cloning – human copyrights, free will, corporate greed – are entwining like an infinite double helix of intrigue. Yeah, yeah – see what I did there? But, to get down to the nucleus of what makes this show so great is its ability to make us gasp. Like, SPOILER ALERT, DUH, how in the hell expected Helena to make it? I sure didn’t. Yet there she is, alive if leaky, and I did not see it coming even a little.

Also, come on, Sarah in Cosima cosplay kissing Delphine? What other show on television right now gives you that kind of mid freak? And – while I loved seeing the recognition in Delphine’s face that the Cosima before her was not the Cosima she loves – I still don’t know whether to trust her heart.

This season, kittens, this damn season.


Anonymous said...

:) And I hope this does not bring you too much pain:

Anonymous said...

I worry about Delphine's fate. The ultimate act of love. Some bullshit. And then in the last season of the series, years from now, Cosima runs into a Delphine clone at the bar. I want them to be the next Watson and Crick, not Tina and Bette.

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