Monday, January 06, 2014

Tweet It To Me, Baby

Why did no one tell me sooner how hilarious Laura Benanti is? I feel like the universe has been holding out on me. And by universe I mean you, you people. So, wait, who is Laura Benanti? Actress, singer, Tony Award-winning Broadway star. You will recognize her from “The Playboy Club” and “Go On” and “The Sound of Music Live!” with Carrie Underwood that made us all remember why Julie Andrews is a god among us, the unwashed hordes.

Also. She’s fucking hilarious on the Twitters. In fact, she’s the kind of hilarious that makes me want to be her BFF. Like seriously, she is now in a death-race for the role of my imaginary bestie between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Poehler. Though the latter already has Tina Fey and the former has, well – you know, the world. So I think I have a shot at this with Laura.

If you’re oblivious, like I was, to what I’m talking about, please witness her Twitter feed @LauraBenanti:

Also there was the time she for-real stepped into a stranger’s car because she thought it was her Uber driver. Also all those tweets were just from the past month (much to the continued chagrin of her mother). Also it possible to be jealous of a Twitter account? Because I am. I really am.

Right, let me get this straight. She is talented. She is beautiful. She is hilarious. She gives good Tweet. Why is she not on my television constantly? Please, don’t even get me started at the absolute TRAVESTY of canceling “Go On,” because I can’t put TRAVESTY in all caps enough. Hey, TV executive, give Laura and Julie White a TV show immediately. So, as I was saying, Laura Benanti – now you know.

p.s. She also kind of looks like Linda Carter, and you know my feelings about Wonder Woman. Ahem.


Anonymous said...

Julie White is on Alpha House, she plays John Goodman's character's wife.


Your friend, Rusty said...

I'm still bitter over losing Go On. It was the only sitcomishy show I was watching.

SFGreek said...

Me, too. I loved that show more than any show that was cancelled before its time. Except for maybe Buffalo Bill, but that was centuries ago.

Anonymous said...

If you love Laura Benanti you have to see this, from this years Tony Awards:

Also, go listen to her sing Cinderella in the Broadway revival of Into the Woods. She's fucking incredible.

J9 said...

And so, you must watch her here:
You get to see her butt!

Jessica Foret said...

Known about Laura Benanti for years, ever since I was a wee lil high schooler nerding out over musical theatre. I still maintain she is the most beautiful woman in the universe. And damn is she talented and funny.
More good videos:
Laura signing and stripping down to supergirl lingerie:
Laura doing an awesomely hilarious interview at Hooters:

Meg said...

Yes, we theatre-folk have adored her from afar for a while. She is awesome!

Marie said...

I'm a day late, but have you seen Life With Laura? has been putting these hilarious videos up. The second one went up today.

Maggie said...

And more Laura greatness. I don't want to spoil it, but you should really check out minute 7.