Tuesday, January 21, 2014


You guys. Seriously, YOU GUYS. If Kate McKinnon doesn’t become a mega star immediately and get used to her full potential on SNL, I will – be very disgruntled and write angry posts about it on the internet. Yeah, sorry, sometimes you have to go for accuracy over snappiness. But after watching Kate’s ridiculously on-point impersonation of Justin Bieber last Saturday I think you’ll all agree. Good stuff starts at the 4-minute mark. I’m telling you, if she’s not a household name at the end of this season expect those strongly worded posts. So many of them.


Kaz said...

Ditto !

Unknown said...

Totally agree. ever since i first realized someone was impersonating lesbians, and doing it very well, abt a yr or so ago, ive been crazy abt Kate!

Margaret said...

Can not wait to see Kate doing Bieber on this week's SNL!!!