Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fetch me my AXE

It’s hard out there for a feminist. We fight gender inequality and each other in equal measures sometimes, it seems. Pointing out bad feminists has become a bit of a bloodsport. Check your privilege while tone policing the discussion of intersectionality of binary genitalia and all of that. But I hope, despite all the back-and-forth and finger pointing, we can all agree that other women – despite our many flaws and frequent short fallings – are not the ultimate enemy. A culture that thinks women can be driven instantly wild and become mindless sex machines because of a stupid body spray is the real enemy.

Also, this parody AXE commercial is just fucking funny.


Helena said...

In my many years on this earth , I have never lost control because of a spray , but still this is a very funny ad :)

Anonymous said...

Funny video - thanks for posting.

I confess that some years ago a woman wearing Obsession used to turn my head. Didn't matter who she was or where we were - I would walk by just to enjoy the scent. That all ended with my last boss-from-hell, who wore Obsession every day.

egghead said...

I don't know I nearly lost my mind noon-time in the condiments aisle at the grocery store: this older woman just barely in my periphery smelled so very good, my head swam in it and I then found myself suddenly daydreaming uncontrollably. And she knew EXACTLY what she had done, no doubt. It's a good thing I am foursquare against lesbian sex ON TOP of condiments. :)