Thursday, January 09, 2014

Vacation Vixen: Gina Torres

Thursday dance break with Gina. Get down, girl, go ‘head get down.


Garry Woods said...

OOOOOMG you have some very sexy Vixen women on there Dorothy even though I'm straight My cock stands to attention, when I see what you have on board keep up the good work


Kristan Hoffman said...

I've been rewatching Alias and had forgotten how fantastic the entire cast is, even supporting characters like Torres's Ana. And she was of course wonderful in Firefly.

maya said...

Yes! I always think Alias when I see her *even though* I've seen her on lots of things since. And to Garry, I don't think "even though" means what you think it means.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love her.

She's so fine.

There is just something about her and it is not just her looks. She looks fierce, and funny, and somehow, kind and tender and mischievous and, and, and ALL THINGS GOOD.