Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tank Top Tuesday: Lost Girl Edition

Happy “Lost Girl” recaps are back day! Well, happy hopefully for you. Sleep deprived for me. But in a good way, a very good way. So what better way to celebrate than with tank tops! So many tank tops. “Lost Girl” is back. The ladies of “Lost Girl” are back! The Boobs O’Clock of the ladies of “Lost Girl” are back! Life doesn’t succubus suck.

Anna Silk

Does she need a gun, wherever she is?

Emmanuelle Vaugier

More Morrigan this season. MOAR!

Ksenia Solo

So many Kenzism, so little time.

Rachel Skarsten

I bet she is just dealing with the insurance claim from her wrecked truck. Yeah, that’s what she is doing.

Zoie Palmer

Melting lesbians’ ice creams since 1977. Though, gurl, that hair.

p.s. Pop over to AfterEllen later today to check out my latest recap.


Sophie Lesher said...

we appear to having some...technical difficulties...*static*...please check back in several hours. ahem.

EmC said...

Heh.. I didn't know who was Emmanuelle Vaugier.. so I googled her ... and what a surprise.. she is bone on June 23rd.. 1976... just like me.. and my name is Emmanuelle..

Hum.. Still No Juliette Binoche in "Tank Top tuesday"...

Anonymous said...

I think we could've found a better picture of Zoie in a tank. I've seen a few from her 'The Guard' days.