Thursday, November 21, 2013

Country Star (without the "O")

As a general rule, I don’t use the C-word. I find it crass and, in most cases, just another cheap way to denigrate women. But, I will also concede, that the term has its uses. Conversely, I have no such similar problem deploying the D-word when the need arises. Which, I suppose in the interest of full gender equality, isn’t fair. This is a long and winded way of saying, damn, I laugh-snorted at this song. Oh, Sarah Silverman. You’re not for everyone. But, even if you don’t agree that this particular deployment of the C-word was judicious, you have to at least admit it’s damn catch. Great, now I’m going to be singing this at work today. That’ll be fun to explain to my boss.


Anonymous said...

Love this. Joyous and succinct!!

Christinc1 said...

Bonus points for having Bernice from "Hope Floats" singing back up! *cue obscure Sandra Bullock film reference*
(Yes I know she is grown up & on Parenthood now but still... Bernice was the sh*t)