Friday, November 15, 2013

My Weekend Crush

I generally take a Garfieldsian view of Mondays. What with the hating them and all. But this fall they’ve been a little bit easier thanks to Nicole Beharie and her new show “Sleepy Hollow.” It has been the most pleasant surprise of the season by far. It really shouldn’t work at all. A time-travelling Ichabod Crane who teams with a modern-day police lieutenant in Sleepy Hollow to fight the forces of that seek to bring about the apocalypse? Yeah, OK, whatever you say, crazy person.

But not only does it work, it’s awesome. It’s fun and creepy and exciting, all at the same time in equal parts. And, in large part, it works so brilliantly because of the crackling chemistry between Nicole, who plays Lt. Abbie Mills, and Tom Mison, who plays Ichabod. Formal, out-of-time Ichabod and cool, collected Abbie just work so well together. It’s a little like Mulder and Scully, but with a lot more Revolutionary War references. Nicole, whose resume include “Shame” and “42” is a standout. She’s smart and sarcastic, just how I like my ladies. And, I’ve said it before and will happily say it again, it’s beyond welcome to have another woman of color headlining a primetime show. Yeah, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but hurry up, Monday. Happy weekend, all.


Erin O'Riordan said...

I love Abbie Mills because she's smart and realistically badass (as opposed to cartoonishly badass - Sarah Shahi on 'Person of Interest' might have stepped over that line a time or two. Fortunately, we still have the strong female leadership of Taraji P. Henson to fall back on in the POI fandom).

I love Nicole Beharie because she's smart, beautiful, and when asked if she read comics, she said yes, more Marvel than DC, because "better women."

Anonymous said...

Yes and Yes....Love the show and Love Nicole!! She is such a good natural actor and so very nice on the eyes!:-)
I am usually never into shows like this but this one has me hooked and I know a lot of folks who watch it too. I love the comedy/chemistry with Ichabod.