Monday, November 25, 2013


Infinite virtual ink has been spilled handwringing over Miley Cyrus. Some of it bothers me (cultural appropriation), some of it is just silly (always-out tongue) and some doesn’t bother me at all (biggest feminist in the world). But here’s what I unquestionably like. She seems to have a fucking sense of humor. Because who else would sing an epic breakup power ballad with an enormous animated kitten as background accompaniment? Just Miley. She has in essence trolled the entire Internet/world/universe by forcing us to look at her pussy (in two different ways, I might add). Bonus points for kitten tears. Yeah, I don’t know either. But it sure made me laugh. Happy Monday, kittens.


Billy Rael said...

Actually I find this all very disturbing. It seems miley is another Disney mk ultra creation--- a la britney, etc.
Her antics at the vma's were very much deliberate ( tongue out = Kali ) and meant to make a mockery of American culture to the rest of the world.
Miley is being controlled. She has no control over any of this.

See sinead o'connor's letter to miley..she knows how dark and twisted "the industry" is. It ain't a game..

Anonymous said...

The video is no longer available.

Anonymous said...

It's kitten as in mk ultra sex slave kitten..

Wake up.....