Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Hunger Games

Every time The Internet swoons over Jennifer Lawrence, I want to go all hipster and scream, “I loved her before she was cool!” Which, technically, is true. I’ve been blown away by J-Law since she was just the girl who was in that bleak film about backwoods justice, “Winter’s Bone.” At that time her only other significant screen credit was “The Bill Engvall Show.” Of course now she’s everyone’s imaginary BFF.

We all instantly connect with her inherent relatability and endearing goofiness. And she is just flat-out hilarious. But she’s also thoughtful and deliberate about the way she presents herself. OK, maybe it was not necessarily “deliberate” when she tripped up the stairs to get her Oscar. But deliberate about being a woman in command of her body image and unwilling to play the real-life Hunger Games.

p.s. Yes, I even love her quasi-Kate Gosselin pixie cut.


Anonymous said...

Go girl! Sending this to my nieces this minute! I really appreciate Jennifer's candour. Cgrrl

Anonymous said...

Love her!
Thanks for those links.

egghead said...

They call her J-Law now. I wonder if that bothers the other J's?

I too loved Winter's Bone. What a courageous, tenacious character.

That's funny about her painting lesbians!! Oh no, painting nudes who happened to be ladies. It's Mom with the dirty mind.

Shannon said...

Oh my god. Me TOO. I always scream, I loved her before it was cool to love her. I raved about Winter's Bone and her in it. Every time she opens her mouth, I love her more.

Anonymous said...

I loved her in Winter's Bone, but I also loved that film because the film's cast was predominantly female; may have been grim but passed the Bechdel test with flying colours. Saw the first Hunger Games film knowing nothing about it - we were showing it for our village film club, and again I was just blown away by JL's performance. I hate how they've glammed her up, but I'm just not into glam, but she seems to be bearing it well, and still being a good role model for young women.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Love her, obvs.

But have you seen 'Catching Fire?' Jena Malone as Johanna Mason is oh-so-crushworthy, too. Johanna is a difficult woman. She swears, she takes off her clothes at inappropriate times, she wants to kill people with an ax. She's angry, bitter, and dangerous. It should go without saying, but I love her.