Thursday, September 05, 2013

When Nikki met Nora

Want to watch a series with two hot female leads who solve crimes and make out? No, really, do you want to watch them make out? And not just in your head? Subtext is all fun and good, but we always need the real deal. So imagine my pleasure when I heard that the folks behind the unaired pilot of “Nikki & Nora” were back. Almost a decade after giving it a go for network TV, the series lives again in the form of a crowd-funded webseries.

For those of you unfamiliar with the 2004 pilot, “Nikki & Nora” was a crime drama about two female police partners in New Orleans who go the bad guys and each other – if you know what I mean. Nikki Beaumont was played by “CSI”-alum Liz Vassey and Nora Delany was played by “Better Than Chocolate” star Christina Cox. Did I mention they made out in the show, because they did. At the time it was billed as the first lesbian-themed drama series up for serious consideration for network TV. And, yes, get prepared to scream “Tasha!” and “Agent Derek Morgan!” shortly after pressing play.

(You can watch the unaired pilot in full here on DailyMotion.)

Now, nine years later, the pilot’s creator Nancylee Myatt (also creator of that teenage dream “South of Nowhere”) is back with “The N&N Files.” She’s co-producing with “SoN” writing alum Paige Bernhardt and Tello Film President Christin Mell. Also back are the pilot’s original stars, Liz and Christina. The project raised $65,000 on Indiegogo (way to go-go, guys) and now they’ve released their first trailer. The result is big-time easy (see what I did there, Big Easy/big-time easy – oy, the puns today) on the eyes.

Watching was, once again, a game of spot the co-star. Look, the principal from “Buffy!” Look, the lab tech from “CSI!” Look, the friend from “SoN!” And of course Liz and Christina – who are playing private investigators instead of police detectives this time out – are lovely together. Look, you know I love me some silly subtext (p.s. your gayzzoli recap of the week will post this afternoon), but nothing beats the real thing. No we just need a chocolate body painting scene between these two, for old time’s sake.

The fist first (Freudian typo alert) season of series should be available on One More Lesbian soon was just announced will release on Dec. 1.


Sally said...

The "fist" season - Freudian slip? ;)

I'll have to check this out! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh Em Gee!!! I love CC:) thank you for repping this can't wait to become obsessed er watch it!!

Helena said...

This is so awesome. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. And wow great to see Tasha :)

Anonymous said...

Just watched the 2004 Pilot. Looks promising. Would rather watch the real thing than a subtext cop show.

Nancylee Myatt said...

Thanks for giving us a plug. Hoping those who kept the faith, longed for, wrote about, lit candles, contributed to Indiegogo, and generally pined for Nikki & Nora will be happy to see them back on the streets of NOLA in this web version. The first day when Liz & Christina walked into frame as N&N my little-engine-that-could heart skipped a beat. Thanks to all of you who made it happen. See you soon -- on the streets and in the sheets with Nikki & Nora - Nancylee