Friday, September 06, 2013

My Weekend Crush

Because I’ve been in a confess my senility kind of mood of late, I’ll confess to often mixing up Alison Pill and Thora Birch. I mean, you can see it, right? Sometimes I also get Mae Whitman confused with all three, as well. But Alison Pill is the one who played the lesbian in “Milk” and drummer in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and best friend in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama” and daughter in “An Unexpected Love” (don’t lie, you know you totally watched that Lifetime movie). Nowadays she is best know as one of the stars of “The Newsroom,” which I don’t watch and feel kind of bad about because I probably should watch. Anyway, this is a long way of saying, hey, you know Alison Pill?

Well, I hadn’t thought much more about her – other than she seems like a promising young actress – until I saw a clip of her on Conan from this week. And, can I just say, this is the perfect way to handle an embarrassing social media faux pas. Alison was so refreshingly honest about the incident, where she accidentally tweeted out a topless picture of herself almost year ago because she wasn’t familiar with her new touchscreen Blackberry. (And, yes, that link is NSFW.) Immediately after her Anthony Weiner-moment she tweeted an admission that, “Yep. That picture happened.” and apologized to her followers. No, “I was hacked.” No, “The dog did it.” Just, “I fucked up, damn.” Just as refreshing is her refusal to be slut-shamed for having nekkid pictures of herself on her phone. And for lusting after Nancy Pelosi. In short, if you’re going to have an embarrassing technological moment – and haven’t we all been there, with or without showing that much skin – please handle it with as much grace, humor and aplomb as Alison. Happy weekend, all.


Sophie Lesher said...

omg, thank you dsnarks! i totally forgot she was in confessions and now i have to watch that stat. also, i've never seen milk or scott pilgrim, weekend?

please please please watch newsroom, and join me and the two other people in the world who love that show and love maggie (pill's character) and don't actually think sorkin is an evil mysoginistic bag of douche :( it's tough out here for a lesbian pundit, ya know?

xox and happy weekend!

Scamp said...

I hope Netflix puts "An Unexpected Love" in its DVD catalog. I'd like to see it.

Reviews on IMDB seem to split male/female: guys hate it, gals like it. Surprise,surprise.

h-sox said...

what's with the annoying background music and how do I get rid of it to watch the clips, can't hear 'em with that annoying music...just sayin'

egghead said...

Okay, yeah, she's on Newsroom? I watched that last night and she cut her hair and it's orange now. I barely recognized her, if that was the one you were talking about. She looks actually very cute now, but little. Very little people-type. I guess all people on tv are little, and some say big heads.

(sorry, just rambling, it's Monday)