Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy Hangover

So the Emmys were last night and the only things those of you who did not watch really need to know is this 1) They talked a lot about death. Like, a lot. Like it was the best-dressed funeral with the worst hors d’oeuvres you’ve ever been to. 2) Most of the people I wanted to win lost. See: Amy Poehler, Kerry Washington, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, among others. 3) Three women absolutely stole the show within the first 15 minutes and it was all downhill from there. Those women were Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Merritt Wever.

Tina & Amy showed poor Neil Patrick Harris how it’s done by heckling him about twerking after the opening number.

Then Merritt showed all the other winners how an acceptance speech is done when she won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for “Nurse Jackie.”

The only other thing you need to know about the awards is that Tatiana Maslany was robbed.


Rachelle said...

Cool resume, thanks. I'm glad I didn't see it (PARKS AND REC "this is bullshit" Tatiana Maslany ETC)...but now I've been laughing for five minutes after watching that glorious speech !

JaggyL said...

Love, love, love Merritt Wever. The best part of her speech is that it is a (probably unintentional?) throwback to Edie Falco's 2003 Golden Globe acceptance speech. Edie managed a bit more, but also cut it off short with a "I have to go"

Anonymous said...

Disagree a lot,sorry..
Washington is so overrated, Danes better by far
Lange & Paulson idem..
only AP for me, she is greaattt

Anonymous said...

what about the 2nd best acceptance speech ever - julia louis-dreyfus accepting in character for veep. and tony hale playing his part was genius. i was laughing the whole time.

Helena said...

How can people even think of not getting Tina and Amy to host an event! Have to agree that Julia Louis-Dreyfus gave a great speech.

Florence said...

Glad to see I didn't miss much ;-)
Amy and Tina as usual were amazing but I watched Julia Louis-Dreyfus acceptance speech online and besides being thrilled for her, it probably was the best part of the night.

Michelle said...

I really love how Clare Danes and her husband Hugh Dancy are laughing their butts off behind Tina and Amy - it just made me enjoy it (and all 4 of them) even more!