Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SGALGG: Emmy Edition

You know, there wasn’t even that much SGALGG at the Emmys, more evidence that it was a generally forgettable year (minus a few notable exceptions, who of course helped prove the rule). But I worked hard to find you the closest I could find to Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals at the awards this year, because I believe in selfless endeavors that betters humanity. Also, I just like it when ladies hold hands. And this gives me more opportunities to post pictures of Tina and Amy. Award season gives you lemons, you turn it into Liz Lemonade. Too much? Well, I tried. On to the SGALGG.

Tina & Amy

I love how it looks like Tina is totally checking out Amy’s ass and Amy is all, “Like what you see, of course you do.”

Alison Pill & Jane Fonda

I don’t know what Jane is trying to do to Allison, but I’m not entirely sure it’s consensual.

Diahann Carroll & Kerry Washington

Two beautiful women who look beautiful together. No joke, just facts.

“Orange Is the New Black” Emmy Selfies

Stop being so adorable, cast. You only make me miss you more.

Sofia Vergara & Padma Lakshmi

I. Will. Be. In. My. Bunk.

Sofia Vergara & Julie Bowen

Clearly Julie’s being all possessive with Sofia after seeing that display with Padma.

Claire Danes & Lena Dunham

If you watched the E! Red Carpet, you saw Lena & Claire discuss being BFFs. You also saw they awkward goodbye faux makeout.


Carla Gallo & Sarah Paulson

I really wanted the gay lady to win for playing a gay lady. Better luck with “American Horror Story: Coven,” Sarah.

Clea DuVall & Natasha Lyonne

Graham + Megan 4EVA


Carmen SanDiego said...

Graham + Megan *sigh* the memories

Anonymous said...

Who is that lady with my future wife (Sarah Paulson)? I don't think I know her.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Who is that lady with my future wife (Sarah Paulson)? I don't think I know her."

-I know Carla Gallo from the TV show Bones. She was awesome on that show! Played a very funny character!

Sophie Lesher said...

omg that picture of jane and alison - jane looks high, ali looks drunk, bless

also, tom sadoski's face in the background could not BE more perfect i love my babies

clea and natasha...:'3

tam said...

OH MI GOD! Clea Duvall looks stunning.

Anonymous said...

OMG Graham and Megan...my heart be still.