Monday, September 16, 2013

Lorde of Music

So I’m totally over “Blurred Lines.” And now all I want to hear on the radio is “Royals.” Like, I scan the channels incessantly to hear it on my drive in to work. Because, damn, if that isn’t catchy. But it’s more than catchy, it’s smart and stylish and also sung by a 16-year-old girl from New Zealand. I know. I KNOW! Well, if you don’t know its singer, Lorde, here are a few fast facts (if you did know her before, feel free to be smug about it in the comments): 1) She’s 16, like for real. 2) She writes her own songs. 3) Her first full album, “Pure Heroine,” comes out Sept. 30. 4) She still attends high school in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. 5) SHE IS ONLY 16.

She may be a teen, but she’s not just a bopper. Right, please enjoy your next earworm.

p.s. Added the "Tennis Court" video because dayyyyum.


Kiwi said...

Between xena, Valerie , gay marriage and the lovely Lordes, we are feeling a tad chuffed!

Anonymous said...

You need to google her version of the Kanye song "Hold My Liquor" - it is absolutely amazing.

Not bad for a girl from my hometown - which is located at the bottom of the world!

another Kiwi reader! (tho one who lives North of the 49 parallel in the same city where Lost is filmed!)

Kiwi said...

Little Kiwis, we are everywhere ;)

egghead said...

I raised my daughter, telling her she was a descendant to the Queen. Was that wrong? ;)

great, catchy song. love New Zealand.

(Still throwing up over blurred lines though.)

Carmen SanDiego said...

"But everybody's like:
Cristal, Maybach, Diamonds on your timepiece, Jet planes, Islands, Tigers on a gold leash
We don't care"
So true. We don't care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, oh mighty Dorothy, for the joy you brought to my life with this song ;)

I'm always kind of worried though about children that become famous at such a young age. I hope Lorde will be able to survive it without damage.

Erica said...

OH DAMN. Thank you, Ms Snarker.

Lilly said...

'The Love Club' is definitely my fav song of hers. Not sure if it's going to be on the new album, but it also has great lyrics.

Interesting tidbits: my friend's been working on her music videos, and apparently she's a very strong-minded individual. The US label's reaction to the original cut of the Royals video was something like a) 'Why isn't she in the video?' and b) 'We can't use this, we're hesitant about a video that's about two gay guys"


But Lorde didn't want to be in it, the compromise was the shot at the end I think, for the US market. NZ video is different.

Then in the 'Tennis Court' video, Lorde wanted to be all in black with black lipstick etc, and the US label told her because she was young etc they wanted lots of colour. If you watch the video clip you'll see who got her way...

And she turned down opening for Katy Perry while she's in NZ! I love a girl who sticks to her guns.

Kiwi said...

Sad to see her getting horrible tweets...very sad.

Kiwi said...

Sad to see her getting horrible tweets...very sad.