Friday, May 24, 2013

Vacation Vixen: Zoie Palmer

Ever since I began Googling Zoie Palmer some three years ago, this old image of her holding a cat has been one of the first search results to pop up. Oh please, like you don’t do it every other week, too. And I’ve always wondered about the backstory behind the picture. It does not appear to be her own Twitter-famous cat, Clover. Nor does it appear to be from a shoot from some long-ago pet food commercial. Perhaps the photographer just saw two irresistibly cute things and wanted to pose them together. Or, as I like to believe, it was a sign that Zoie was destined to become a lesbian fan favorite. Because, as we all know, we gay ladies love us some action. Meow. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Surrender:

Please, feel free to fall in love with my fake-wife, Ching-He Huang: she is simply too perfect for the constrictions of a monogamous fake-marriage.

Your, sincerely:

Winston Voortileguit

P.S. I was really tempted to tag this as M, 'cause, seriously?... this is porn for lesbians. If you don't believe the word of a stranger (wise woman, you are), fast forward till 9", where my fake-wife teaches Katherine Grainger ( how to cook...

P.S. II. If you don't fall in love with Ching, I think we can NOT (notice that I haven't use the contractión can't: I'm THAT serious) be fake-friends anymore... and I care about my fake-frienships. A lot.

tadimo said...

I think its the first picture, couse ppl just keep googling "zoie with pussy" if you know what i mean :D

Anonymous said...

i have 2 questions for zoie palmer.
does she know where did lauren go after the surgery in the season finale? did they shoot any related scenes that didn't make it to that epsiode?