Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vacation Vixen: Alison Brie

I do not watch “Mad Men.” Nor do I watch “Community.” But if Internet chatter is to believe Alison Brie is lovely in both. And it’s a lovely Thursday and she is wearing a lovely suit. So, well, there’s that. What, they can’t all be deep. I’m on vacation.


Anonymous said...

What? What's that? You don't watch Community???

egghead said...

At least Alison is not brandishing the fuck you finger. Ha!

I just started watching Men that are Mad last season, so I've missed some of it. I have to say it is a scary show in the re-living of it.

Now I know some of what my mom went through as a sex-e-tary. BTW, she is the very embodiement of the Christina Hendrix character, Joan. Bee-hive red and all. Yeow. I really think those times were incredibly dangerous and scary emotionally.

I have barely noticed Alison Brie (yet I will now). They all transfigure and transform until unrecognizable in that show. One of the old Gilmore girls is in Mad Men too. You have to look hard to recognize her.

Dylena said...

Is it just me or does Alison Brie look like Mia Kirshner in that picture?

C. said...

See rocks! Have you seen this clip of her with Emily Blunt.