Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The JLaw of Delight

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence. Just when we think you’re the most delightful person in Hollywood you go and delight us some more. At this point she is clearly the entire Internet’s BFF. Be it her effortless relatability or guileless charm, she is – quite simply – the best. She’s the opposite of stand-offish – no emo red carpet glares of this gal. The antithesis of too cool for school – which of course only makes even cooler. Hilarious – but in a dorky way. Be she falling on the Oscar steps or freaking out at being hit on by professional skeazy old guy Jack Nicholson, she is awesomely real.

JLaw Photobombs SJP

Plus, when this gal mugs for the camera, she actually mugs for the camera. Like photobombing Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Ball Monday night. And then laughing hysterically like we all would when presented with SPJ’s insane fauxhawk headdress. And that, after all, is what we like best about her. She’s like us – sure an incredibly talented, beautiful, famous, rich version of us – but us none the less. Human, and delightfully so. Never change, JLaw. Never ever change.

p.s. I love Marion Cotillard and Lena Dunham’s reactions to the left and right of her during the photobomb.

p.p.s. She also flubbed President Bill Clinton’s name while hosting the GLAAD Awards (fast forward to 3:55). To not love her is surely a sin.


Anonymous said...

Perfect midweek pick me up. Go, JLaw, fly your flag!

Since I'm in the 'Chorus Line' camp, I have a renewed love for SJP and it's kind of cool both Marion and JLaw are in the clip - amazing performances last year. Too bad Rust & Bone didn't get more play because she was FANTASTIC.

lisa said...

I DO love JLaw, but because I'm old enough to be her mother, I feel a little sleazy about it. lol

Anonymous said...

I loooove her! And that is in part because of you Ms. Snarker, you show me all of the best clips of her being hilarious and down right awesome:)

Jenny said...

What Do Hate Groups Think of Jennifer Lawrence?

Journalist calls up hate groups and asks them what they think of Jennifer Lawrence. Naturally, everyone she phones up is terrible-- but funny b/c the question is so simple that it breaks their tiny little minds.