Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tank Top Tuesday: Perks Edition

Slowly, so slowly, but surely I am indeed completing my Indiegogo Perks. Would it help if I told you I’m sorry? No. Well, how about if I said I’m sorry with tank tops? Here are the Thank You Perks for the people who pledged at Tank Top level. So, perhaps you should be thanking them as well? These are the tank top dedication subjects you choose. So please accept my endless gratitude for your generosity in the form of two thank top pictures each as a continued apology for my tardiness. Everyone else, please enjoy with my compliments.

Sasha Alexander

Thanks, Lynda!

Sarah Shahi

Thanks, Nedley!

Lauren German

Thanks, Lisa!

Amanda Seyfried

Thanks, Catvix!

Lindsey Shaw

Thanks, @UhHuhDaggr!

Felicia Day

Thanks, Elle M!

Claire Forlani

Thanks, Babs!

Diana Rigg

Thanks, Cindy S!

p.s. Isn’t Diana awesome in Game of Thrones? And those abs?
Answer: Yes, yes to both.

(Please Note: a few of you never responded to my initial perks emails about who you wanted as your tank top dedication. If you would still like to be included in a future Tank Top Tuesday dedication just reply and I’ll get your selection in there as promised.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for recognizing my beloved Diana Rigg, now and forever the luminous Mrs. Peel (and a bunch of other great roles), is the alpha and omega. Of everything.

pspot said...

Ooh, I see one of my newer favorites (Lauren German). Now where is Rachel Skarsten? I look forward to and appreciate these posts, DS :)

Anonymous said...

Felicia Day. That is all.

Cat said...

No one wears tanktops like Anna Silk...

Anonymous said...

No butches not interested.

Unknown said...

Oh, thank you, Cindy. S. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Erin O'Riordan said...

You had me at Sarah Shahi - although I'd still like to put in a good word for Shahi's kick-ass 'Person of Interest' co-star Taraji P. Henson. I'd love to see her some Tank Top Tuesday.

Joel D said...

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Lisa said...

Yay! Lauren German!

She's totally worth a better late than never post.

Frugal_Femme said...

Sarah Shahi.

that is all.

Anonymous said...

These are nice tank tops.