Friday, May 10, 2013

My Weekend Crush

One of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts is the ability to change. Evolution is our never-ending pursuit of perfection – the path toward a better, stronger, faster, smarter us. So then it shouldn’t be such a surprise that in the few months we’ve sat and watched as country after country, state after state evolves before our eyes on marriage equality. Uruguay, New Zealand, France. Rhode Island, Delaware and on Monday (fingers crossed) Minnesota. Still this seeming swiftness of our recent progression up the evolutionary ladder of equality (after, it should be noted, far too many years of inaction) is a wonder to behold.

So on this Mother’s Day weekend, when even The New Yorker celebrates two moms on its Mother’s Day cover, let’s give a shout out to all the moms out there. Be they two-mom families or single-mom families or mom-and-dad families, they’re all families. (Two-dad families, don’t worry – you get your day, too. In June.) Good families – whatever shape or size or make-up – all want the same thing. To love and be loved and raise their kids right. (Yes, childless couples – your cats and dogs and assorted other flora and fauna count as kids – I know mine do.) And, of course, let’s not forget the Big Mama herself, Mother Nature. Without her constant, loving nagging (in that supportive, for-own-good mom kind of way) we might never have gotten out of that primordial ooze. Thanks, moms. Happy weekend, all.


Linda Keller said...

I'm glad the world is a such a better place for lesbians this Mother's Day. Happy weekend!

Michelle said...

Very cool. Way to go, New Yorker.

Anonymous said...

"Even the New Yorker"?????

As a New Yorker subscriber of 30 years' standing, I can tell you it's always been gay friendly. This week's cover wasn't the first of its kind: the New Yorker featured lesbian brides last June:

And painted the White House in rainbow colors when President Obama endorsed gay marriage:

And when New York State enacted its gay marriage law:

Props were due long ago.