Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our lovely scrapper

When gay women think about Lena Headey and the rest of the world think about Lena Heady, two very different images appear. To gay women (and those who enjoy watching gay women’s entertainment), Lena is the adorable and all-too loveable florist who made Piper Perabo and all of us watching lose our hearts with one glance across a crowded chapel. To everyone else she is a supreme villainess with side of incest. OK, she might also be that lady who didn’t look like Linda Hamilton or that other lady who was married to the king with the great abs.

But, if a new Esquire spread featuring Lena is any indication, for the wider world her fame and dedicated fandom thanks to “Imagine Me & You” doesn’t exist. The short article lists off accomplishments as “The Brothers Grimm,” “300,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and even “Dredd” – a movie I didn’t even realize made it to theaters last fall – and of course “Game of Thrones.” Which, I guess if you do your research on Wikipedia, is about the best we can expect. But I’m thankful to know the other side. The funny, goofy, lovely side that only those who care enough to dig a little deeper adored already.

So while I’m happy (so happy) she is very gainfully and very steadily employed on a critically acclaimed and wildly successful show, I also wish more of the world knew the self-deprecating, self-described “scrapper with a penchant for ink” that those of us who knew she wasn’t a natural blonde, or villainess, know.

But, hey, I am not above using some visual aids to help get the point across. Or give us a reminder. I am determined to spread the love by any means necessary. For the greater good and all.

p.s. While I really like “Game of Thrones” (back March 31, y’all), I can’t help thinking that sometimes while watching I deeply feel like Fred Savage. Jesus, what the what?


Anonymous said...

The gay lady fandom of Lena's is alive and kicking ass on tumblr. She regularly inspires the best tags ever. Example: #i appreciate every h2o molecule in the carbon-based bag that is you

Len said...

I liked Imagine Me and You, but to be fair, it was such a tiny movie (much smaller than Dredd).

It was released on something like 100 theaters, and made less than 1 million dollars domestic (the movie was a money loser overall even accounting for its modest production budget, though rentals and DVD sales probably helped). And it won no prestigious awards.

I'm just saying, it's not really much of a slight or oversight that it might not get mentioned in an article about her career.

Unknown said...

I first saw her in "Aberdeen" (2000) in which she was white-hot in both talent and looks . Don't think she's fulfilled that early promise acting-wise but appreciate her for all the same reasons as Snarker. Of course, a men's magazine is not going to mention a movie in which she played a lesbian - unless it had been porno.

tlsintx said...

Thank you, Snarksy. So very much.

Anonymous said...

she was terrific in " Band of Gold" ...she acted the pants off of anyone else and she was so charismatic...she jumped off the screen....the other movies such as you and me are just a pale imitation of what she is really capable of doing...

egghead said...

I don't always know why but there are only SOME movies you can watch more than once.
Lena Heady and Piper's movie is a movie I can watch over time.

Lena is delectable.

Btw, I want my own dragons now. One for each shoulder.

*** GayGirl *** said...

I first saw her in 'Band of Gold' around 1997, I think... She was one of the first gay ladies, I remember seeing on TV - she's kissing and loving a very disturbed Samantha Morton in the mini-series.

So, for me, when she did 'Imagine Me & You' (one of my ALL time favorite movies) it was actually the second gay role - just like it was Piper Perabo's having already done 'Lost and Delirious'.

And THIS is why these two women (Lena and Piper) have a huge fandom in the LGBT community. First they separately gave a haunting and hurting gay performance and THEN on to the very wonderful movie they did together. Our community's happy ending! ;o)

Yeah, I'm oversimplifying... deal with it. :oP

Much love,
- GG