Thursday, March 07, 2013


Hey, what’s post-“30 Rock” Tina Fey up to, asked the universe? OK, maybe not the entire universe, but I certainly did and I get to type things onto the computer screen and post them here, so there. Thursday nights remind me of the Tina Fey-shaped hole on my television each week. But thankfully recent appearances by my Fake TV Wife on Jimmy Fallon and Dave Letterman show that she is, indeed, very well. Still wearing a lot of black dresses and – despite what she may say – her arm to boob ratio is just fine, thank you. Appearing in black and white in Time magazine spread as she called them, “selfies from around the house.” Other news tidbits, her daughter got a poodle puppy named Ted and there’s a lot of poop happening as a result.

On Jimmy Fallon:

On Dave Latterman:

Of course these days I’m going to have start calling her my Fake Movie Wife. Because other than late-night talk show appearances the big screen is where I’ll have to visit her these days. So count me among the ticket buys in line to see my lady March 22 when “Admission” opens. Sure, it’ll make conjugal visits awkward. But it’s worth it for Tina.

p.s. Yes, I know all about the Team Swift v. Team Poehler/Fey fake lady controversy. I am firmly on Team Support Women and Take a Joke. Because feminists know how to take, and make, a joke.


Kaycee Nightfire said...

Gorgeous shots in that Time article, thanks for the link ....

E. B. Klassen said...

Wait, what? You totally forgot to mention that Lily Tomlin is appearing in a movie with Tina Fey? How is that oversight even possible?