Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catch her Drift

Lesbians, nerds, political junkies, blazer lovers and anyone who appreciates thoughtful public discourse and/or any combination of all of the above have long considered Rachel Maddow a pin-up girl of sorts. And now we can finally include the group, book geeks. Her new, not to mention first, book “Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power” hit bookshelves yesterday. It’s about the peculiar and perturbing state of perpetual war we find ourselves in in America. But don’t take my word for it. Let The Maddow explain herself.

Now, I happen to be lucky enough to have scored myself a signed copy of “Drift.” Yes, Rachel “Dreamboat” Maddow signed something that resides in my home this very minute. Please, try not to let your all-encompassing jealousy be too all encompassing.

But, because I’m a giver – well, more accurately, because Crown Publishing is a giver – I happen to have a spare. That’s right, I have another signed hardcover first edition of Rachel’s “Drift” to give away to one of you. So, kittens, this is your chance. If you’re interested in winning your very own signed copy of “Drift,” please hit me up in the comments section with your email address (spell it out if you fear Das Spam) by next Wednesday, April 4. I’ll randomly pick a winner from all your entries. Then I’ll announce the winner on Twitter, so follow me @dorothysnarker and please include your Twitter handle or what you’d like to be called on the Tweeter Machine in your entry. Consider this contest a little thank you from me to you for coming back day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year to enjoy my tiny corner of the internet. The gift of Maddow is the least I could do, really.

p.s. Oh, and if you have a chance, tell me where you are reading from in the world. I love knowing where all you fine folks are from.

UPDATE: Entries in the contest are now closed. Thanks for playing along!


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no-one said...

kmackenzie (at)

twitter @kalaumac

The first captcha words I typed didn't work. This happens to me almost every time, and always leaves me a little bit paranoid that I might be a robot, but not know I'm a robot. Clearly I have issues.

Ryaninthesky said...

ryaninthesky12 (at)
@ryaninthesky12 on twitter

katewerling said...

Ah this would be so awesome. You rock Ms. Snarker!

katewerling (at)

twitter: phoenix_kate

Anonymous said...

Apparently only the prospects of winning a signed copy of Ms. Maddow's book can bring me to the comment sections... But now that I'm here I would like to take the opportunity and thank you for this awesome blog that I have been religiously reading since 2007... And as an avid blog reader, I have to say this is my absolute favourite... You can find me at arianalight[at]gmail[dot]com... I'm also following you on twitter [at]arianabay.

snazdoll said...

carrionlaughing (at)

twitter: snazdoll

Courtney C said...

My head might explode if I got it, but yes I really want it...

runningthroughthegarden (at)

twitter: @smileatyou

Meg said...

I love Rachel and winning a copy of her book would make my year. I would prefer to meet Rachel Maddow over both the President and Secretary Clinton.


twitter: @dukeofbigapple

As a college student I read your blog from many different cities depending on the time of year. In general it is NYC but for the last few months London.

epskee said...

I'm happy to let someone else win your wonderful prize, but while you are giving out thanks to your readers, let this little reader thank you! Your blog is wonderful, and I love every minute of it! This thank you comes from Down Under - Sydney Australia :)

Nelfy said...

I think I would faint holding a signed copy in my hands!!!

Nelfy [at] live [dot] at

twitter @ChrisakaNelfy

Originally (when I started reading your blog), Austria. Now, after three moves, (and only temporarily) Chicago

surfix67 said...

@surfix67 actually in Italy, and before and then.....

Anonymous said...

yes, please!
yeller.belly at yahoo dot com
twit: @yellerbelly

mountaingirl said...

ms. snarker your great! also happy to let someone else win just wanted to give a shout out from austria!

Bigbroments said...

liz dot m dot mckinney at
twitter @ Bigbroments
I really enjoy reading your thoughts every day. It starts every day so well for me! So thanks! :)

Nicole said...

I fit into every single one of those groups of people who fangirl the Maddow, which is possibly the only reason i'd ever have to start delurking.

the gmail: nicoleanddaisies
the twitter: nicolegertrude
the location: new zealand (please don't use that small detail to not pick me. I like being picked)

ecoelder said...

Now that would be something!

Although I think there might be some discussion between my spouse and myself as to who gets to read it first if I get chosen.

I'm Danish, my spouse is American but we currently live in Denmark.


Twitter is ecoelder or randomamp

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow is proof that there is a God and that he LOVES Lesbians.
Argue your way out of that Religious Right!
Oh to touch something she has touched! Dream!

Keep up the amazing and amusing work Dorothy!


Anonymous said...

white2001echo AT
Concord, CA (SF Bay Area)

Anonymous said...

helenilein AT gmx DE
@trollerei on twitter

Thank you very much for all your work and for providing everyone around here with all the laughs and the love!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that would be sublime!

sarahbellefeuille (at)
Twitter: sarahjane

longtime canadian reader here, hailing from halifax Nova Scotia!

Anonymous said...

inbal (at) ketzef (dot) com
inbal110 at Twitter
Tel Aviv, Israel

Trish said...


twitter @TrishBambeir

Jo Lee said...


joleeqh (twitter)

greetings from singapore!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This blog is part of my morning ritual. Breakfast with Ms. Snarker before work is the best way to start my day. :)

I live in Yucca Valley, California. It's in the Southern California desert, near Palm Springs.

inhiding (at)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ooh, how exciting, my e-mail address is and my Twitter doo dab is @kazwinton
I have a severe lack of imagination.....

Anonymous said...

Oh please oh please oh please pick me!

thenotoriousham (at) gmail and @ElJamonNotorio on twitter (feel free to follow if you like bacon, politics, pugs, RuPaul, or free wal-mart gift cards)

I've been reading you through stops in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and now Philadelphia. You've been a kind of anchor for me and I appreciate that. And I've been listening to Rachel since 2004 when Air America first went live. I believe I have missed a total of one episode that I could not get to download. This would be the greatest cocktail moment short of meeting the world's most visible (and possibly hottest) estro-gent myself. Ladies, am I right?

Anonymous said...

I'm such a fan of Maddow. The fun thing about the book being released is all the press she is doing this week (and the chance to win a signed copy!). I'm from Ohio. Email is bster67 (at) and twitter is bster67.

Lin said...

Sweet of you!!

Been watching Rachel as much as I can since her programme started and it would be AMAZING to get a signed copy---especially since there's almost no chance I'll meet her in person all the way here in Singapore (and will have to wait eons for the book to come out here).

Keep up the great posts nonetheless Ms Snarker!


inkydinked (at)

Anonymous said...

Enjoying my daily dose of Snarker from the comfort of my bed in sunny England. Love it, love everything about it.



Claudia said...

I'd love a copy!

connaction24 at

@ccaks on twitter

A reader from Brazil :)

Marie said...

Missed out on a chance to see her when she's signing copies here in DC. The timing of this contest is perfect.

twitter: @buknerd

Anonymous said...

ahhh this would be so useful for my dissertation!


Sunny Cornwall, UK

Anonymous said...

Big fan of yours, from the province of Quebec, Canada.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping I get lucky and win! dycarter(at)

Kate said...

katevarnum AT yahoo DOT com

Would you believe Cedar Rapids, IA?

Kate said...

dixiefaithful01 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dallas, TX

Team Serrins Springfield said... or Debra.Serrins@gmail on twitter. I'm in (or near) Austin, TX.

Anonymous said...

Email: amanda.bergeron2 @ gmail dot com
Twitter: @mandy_bsquared

I'm reading in Nebraska!

Anonymous said...

pepounator {at} gmail {dot} com
no tweeter thingy, never understood the damn concept...

I'm reading from France =)
I keep telling myself I shouldn't spend so much time reading blogs, but I always come back to you in the end, avec toujours autant de plaisir!

Unknown said...

Ms. Snarker, this is great! I have been (obsessively) following your blog since 2006, and am reading you from lovely Fredericton, New-Brunswick (Canada).

I don't have Twitter (yet), but can be reached at hbrcc(at)

Joseph Finn said...

Coming from Chicago, IL!

E-mail: josephfinn [at] gmail (dot) com
Twitter: @josephfinn

Anonymous said...

christinamparsons (at) gmail dot com
I've been reading for a couple years now from Ottawa,Canada

Anonymous said...

jsu7765a at

twitter: a_parody

I read every morning from Alabama. So obviously, I need more lesbian stuff in my life.

Selenyx said...

please please please!

lauraludwigs (at)

twitter: @LLudwigs

I always watch TRMS and I always read your blog. Thanks for that btw ^^
stay shiny and keep flying from Germany!

Big Shamu said...

Lesbian giveaways RULE!

thekarmickitchen at aol dot com


Fighting the good fight in Kansas.

Rachel stops here in mid-April.

Anonymous said...

Pick ME! Pick ME! ... please?

robynslat18 (at)

@r_slat from Chicago

Stalking Sarah said...

o. m. g.

winwetz at gmail dot com


Wiley said...

Oh heavens I would be the best husbian in the world if I won this for my wife. PRETTY PLEASE pick me.

w.f.reading at


Anonymous said...

After a long day at the mill, I check in here first thing when pc is up and running ;-) Of course a massive fan of Ms Maddow and in my opinion one of the very few sane voices of US politics. I'm sending love and admiration to you all the way from Taiwan!

bobintaiwan at
twitter @kaiintaiwan

Angie said...

Greetings from Atlanta!

Email is ashton213 at

Twitter is @ashton213

kwilder said...

I would LOVE a copy!

Anonymous said...

Okay, as you've asked so nicely: I'm in Duesseldorf, Germany

Oh, and I wouldn't say no to a gift of Maddow either :)

flyergrafix ät web dot de
twitter @Shanti2409

EllenDa said...

Love your blog!
twitter @techgirl67

I'm a little blue dot in a red state (Charleston, SC)

Anonymous said...

I say, what an ugly little orgy of misjudged Maddow worship!


Darlings, you really do know how to kick a girl when she's down don't you?! And 'thank you' too Snarks for setting this all in motion on a day that had already pretty much gone to hell even before I ventured into your (usually) charming little corner of cyberspace...

Even though I'm not exactly brimming over with unbridled enthusiasm, I must, I suppose, 'step up' seeing as no-one else has... Once more into the breach and all that... Oh well, here goes...

Maddow you dolt!!! The *real world* has very little to do with day to day party politics! Honestly, one would have thought you'd have worked that out by now?! So much for that 'razor sharp'
mind of yours!!!

Come come Maddow, let's stop this nonsense! (We're both far too intelligent for it for one thing. You're not the only one with a PhD you know!) Maddow, you *know fine well* there *are* such things as hidden hands and shadowy figures lurking behind the scenes! If, for some unfathomable reason you still don't, might I suggest you ask one of CFR chums about it?!

Darlings, party politics is merely a 'Punch and Judy' style *distraction* designed to preoccupy the masses while the real power behind the curtain holds sway no matter who occupies the White House or 10 Downing Street! (Left wing? Right wing? Same bloody bird!)

"Politics is show business for ugly people!"

Wish I knew who said that originally? Tell you what darlings, I have a spare copy of Perkins' *must read* 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman', I shall send it to the first person who correctly attributes that quote!

"The Presidency taking on new power..." I would put it a little more bluntly than that Maddow! In fact, old Watson over on Infowars put infinitely better a few weeks ago:

"Coup D’etat: Pentagon & Obama Declare Congress Ceremonial”

"Stop making secret wars..." Surely Maddow the point is the US (and the UK) should stop making *illegal* wars?!

Good God Maddow, I thought I was verbose! It takes you a whole damn book to spell out the situation! What am I saying?! A whole damn book to skirt around the issue without once getting to the Truth of the matter! Here, let me do it for you in a couple of lines!

"The Anglo-American gift to the world....perpetual war for perpetual profit..." (And I would add perpetual *control*!) -MrNoblemanoflove (YouTube commenter)

The American Empire took over where the British Empire left off! The United States (that remains a Crown Colony to this day!) was created with one specific purpose in mind; that being to become the military might necessary to allow those afore mentioned shadowy players to quite literally take over the world!

Would you look at that?! Essays chock full of fascinating and well researched information *available free of charge* over the Internet! Meanwhile, that roguish champagne cocktail Liberal is asking up to $25 a pop for her piece of cr- *Cough ahem* Crashing on!

Finally, what's with the Google style data mining exercise Snarks? (You're starting to worry me darling, do you know that?!) Anyway Snarks, you *know* where I live! (Don't you dare send me that bloody book! If you do, I will take the first available plane and come and slap you across that charming little face of yours with it!


PS Who needs ruddy Maddow's autograph when I have in my possession a signed note from the President of The Czech Republic?!

Anonymous said...

calodictyon (at) gmail

twitter: morganbybike

real life location: oakland, ca

Jessica said...

Reading from Canada. Love the blog!

jessica_morgan_ (at)
@morganj21 on Twitter

AnnieMcB said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I use it as my third-cuppa-jo treat at work.

amcburney at mac dot com


Lisa said...

Ditto. Your blog helps get me through another day at the office with a grin on my face.

lisamal (at) aol dot com

New York, NY

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks!

dreenme (at) sbcglobal. net

Twitter - @Dreenme

I'm from San Jose, Ca...close enough to you to save $ on shipping! ;-)

Cathy said...

Now that would be a great addition to the bookshelf

Indiblue on the gmail and the twitter

Reading from fort worth for years

egghead said...

I'm too in love with Amy Farrah Fowler to even have time to think about Rachel . . . anymore . .. sniff. Good times. sniff

Onward with Amy though. I am presently awaiting HER book studying the neurobiological ramifications of spontaneous mass cuddling, found in the rare Lesbia Muskrat Tribe, while observing the 80's sitcom, Facts of Life.

(You rock Snarker-Poo) :D
Read you all the time now -- just four months now? Maybe more. 6 months?

karina said...

Tell everyone Snarker gave you a copy signed by Maddow - how cool is that? ;)

email * av(dot)brasil(at)gmail(dot)com
twitter * @querendo
location * brazil

> "querendo" means "wanting" in Portuguese :)

> 44 amazing minutes - Rachel Maddow: The Fresh Air Interview

Jade said...


wildlifenut (at)

@jadecrayon on twitter

I'm reading from Columbia, Missouri!

Shasta said...

eeeeeeeeeee! Rachel Maddow makes me giddy. You are too kind to be sharing a copy of her book! I read from the PNW in CanadiaLand. I'm shallow enough that I love Naked Lady Monday, Tank Top Tuesday and GenderFuck Thursday. And any version of girls acting like gay girls.
I can be reached at heyshasta at shaw dot ca

Kate said...

I'm planning on getting Rach's book anyway, but an autographed copy would highly rock.

Kate McDermott
Taunton, Massachusetts


twit: mckate

Bent said...

Thanks for the opportunity!

Twitter: ChefBoyRDebra

Anonymous said...

(I'm always utterly amused that to decipher the captcha I'm supposed to fill out I'd actually need a machine to do so ...)

I love your blog and have been stealthily reading it for years. (Lurking is an art form, you know.)

You can reach me at deadblackdragon[at]web[dot]de

Greetings from Germany. (The sun is shining right now. I'm taking that as a good omen, since it's been cloudy the last few days.)

Collins said...

i was so excited when i learned rachel would be releasing another book this year. can't wait to read it but it would be even more awesome if i had a signed copy. thanks snarker!

email: crystaleecollins(at)gmail(dot) com

twitter: collins3779

and i am in the over pollinated city of Atlanta

Tee Money said...

tishlau (at)

twitter: @tishlau

from Oakland, CA

emily said...


writing to you from toronto

hope my girlfriend's twitter counts (i'm not quite there yet...)


Anonymous said...

email: leeeeeeez at gmail dot com
twitter: @thehumanlizard

normally just a lurker but can't resist this! I'm from England - London to be specific.

Brooke said...

Howdy from Texas- where we could all use a dose of Maddow sensibility.

brookestelmo (at)
@brookestelmo on twitter

Amo said...

amy.l.moreland at

Austin, TX baby!

Al said...

dontworreebehappee at

Edmonton, Canada!

MakingSpace said...

amysoprano at gmail dot com


Helen said...

That is amaaaazing. :D

amaramorgana at gmail dot com

I'm from Fayetteville, AR!

Jeannie said...


Sounds like a fascinating book, and she's a fascinating lady. I'm reading your blog in South Africa btw :)

January said...

Awesome contest. I heard RM discussing her book on Fresh Air, and it sounds fascinating,

From your long time fan from So Cal,
january_hamster at

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll just wait six more years and bid a layover in New Orleans for the 10th anniversary of Katrina...she'll be on my flight again...

Joell said...

Thanks Ms Snarker. I'm a big fan of both you and Maddow.

jsmithborne (at) gmail(dot)com

I'm in Nashville

Anonymous said...

Chicago, IL

Shelly Wilson said...

Yay! Awesome.sauce.


An American in Copenhagen.

kim said...

beepbopboop at gmail dot com


houston, tx!

Anonymous said...

donnahrss at gmail dot com


Big_E said...

cousinels (at) gmail (dot) com

Tweet Tweet: @CousineauE

All the way from Ottawa, Ontario.

Hat's off, Ms Snarker!

me said...

oooh, yes please! my email is arianastrahl (at) gmail (dot) com, and my twitter 'handle' is @carapiccoladiva.

you're the best!

tenofive said...

Please and thank you, Ms. Snarker!

tenofive at aol dot com
@tenofive on twitter

From Temecula, California

Anonymous said... Oklahoma

I'm wishing myself good-luck!

Also on FB as Red L Ranch

QWERTY said...

Heard her on Fresh Air on NPR yesterday, she's so smart!

kthomasak (at)

Twitter: QtotheWERTY

Reading from Fairbanks Alaska!

Eron said...

e_mcmullan (at)

Twitter: @erinmcmullan

Anonymous said...


Visitor from the Philippines :)

Anonymous said...

rboitano (at)

Can call me RachOak on Twitter

Oakland, CA

MsKimPatricio said...


The only thing better than getting a signed copy of Rachel Maddow's book would be to be given it by the talented Ms Dorothy Snarker.

Big love from Tampa, FL

KP said...


indubitably DOT kate AT gmail DOT com

twitter @pleonasticky

Hailing from Washington, DC.

Sarah said...


Sitting at my desk in NYC-- now with a big smile on my face. :D

Anonymous said...

I'd definitely buy this book in support of Maddow given access to it. But since that is not the case at this time, thought I'd take a chance here!

Love from a finnish living in Argentina -an obsessive reader of all things fantastic.

beekeepers (at)

Melissa said...

rachel maddow? yes please! *swoon*

emailz: msgoodwin9[at]gmail[dot]com

the twittahs: [at]MissyGoody9

loving dorothy surrenders from a small town in northeast iowa :)

nikkibetch said...

nlhende (at)
@nikki_betch on twitter

Jay said...

Excellent indeed.
Twitter @ubetihave
I live just outside our nations capital, but was born across the pond in England, Wigan, so you see why I moved...

Your friend, Rusty said...

@RustyPatti in the Twitterverse

I'm in the Inland Empire, CA and I'd love to win and donate the book to my local public library. I checked and they don't have a copy but they do have plenty of Palin, Bachman, and Hannity.

Unknown said...

Hi Ms. Snarker, and I follow you on twitter at : vpierce37

Have followed you in Kingman, AZ; Boston, MA; and now in Santa Barbara, CA.

attractivegkry said...

Oooh yes please!:
attractivegeekery at gmail
attractivegkry on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Thursdayplans at g mail dot com
Twitter @arweneleanor

I read your blog religiously, and I hail from the (not-so-great) state of Utah. Thanks!

kaker said...

I love your blog (as well as your Rizzoli recaps!); I hope you pick me!
twitter: @kakes_bakes
New Jersey

Anonymous said...

sumo poptart (at) gmail (dot) com
twitter @ fish tofu

Reading from good ol' Thailand. :)

Anonymous said...


cannotthink (at) hotmail (dot) com


Gabby said...

aaaawesome! I read this in Auburn but I'm from outside of Atlanta

omgitsgabby28 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited!

awalk6801 (at) gmail (dot) com


Danie said...

Um... wait, what were we supposed to put in the entry, I got light headed 'cause I'm excited for Maddow's book.


twitter: @librariandanie (but I don't generally have much to say and so don't actually tweet)

I follow you from Massachusetts, started a little bit before the R&I recaps, from and the rest is RSS history.

Anonymous said...

from NYC
mayati (at) gmail (dot) com

twitter: @mayati

Anonymous said...

how are you even gonna look through all these?

Anonymous said...

I'm reading in Yorkshire, England (Bronte country or extremely near the home of Siophie, depending on where your loyalties lie).

My email is natalielealand (@) yahoo . com

Twitter: lightninglands

Jaim W said...

yes please

Twitter: @JmoW7

Jaim711 (at)

Anonymous said...

cappuccinogirl (at)

Twitter: @andnowyoutellme

I'm reading from unusually sunny England.

Justyna said...


Twitter: [at]Orzelska

Aaaand, I'm from Poland. It's possible that this book will never see its way to my country...

Steph said...

she is my idol.

Danielle B said...

Reading from NW Montana!


Twitter: @pacifistfemme

Jeanette LeBlanc said...

twitter: jeanetteleblanc

Anna said...

Currently listening to the fresh air interview - so excited to read this book when I'm done with the book I'm reading right now!

My e-mail is and my twitter is @AnCharCaff.

And I'm in Upstate NY :) soon to be Philly

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Can I enter this competition?

My name is Heather Hogan.

My email address is something you know already.

Playing favorites is fair.


Charlotte said...


Twitter: @handprinted

Heather said...

emotionalinertia (at) yahoo dot com

twitter: @heathershaped

reporting from the east coast!

Anonymous said...

I have a million other things to read but this is at the top of my list!



From Tucson, Arizona!

Marie said...

mmaurer (at)

That's right, I'm Iowa nice. Fuckwads. (YouTube it if you don't get it)

Leah said...

I can't wait to read her book! I'm such a Maddow fangirl. This is awesome.

lls231 (at)
@leahs_lagoon on twitter

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I was just eying this at amazon.

meatisadelicacy (at)

twitter @meatisadelicacy

thanks, ms snarker.

Jennifer said...

Wow, Rachel Maddow is such an inspiration. She gives hope that there is still a way for people to share their opinions and beliefs without tearing others down.

On a side note, I've been reading your blog and AE stuff since high school, so thanks for also giving hope. =]

JenBattistella @


Anonymous said...

ganser3 (at)


Val said...

This would be amazing! Currently in Statesboro, GA for school *sigh

plummer.valerie (at)
@lime_jello on twitter

Meredith said...



Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm from Maine.


twitter @thedinahsaur

Anonymous said...


Twitter: @Swoopes84

I'm reppin Orlando, FL! :-)

Anne said...

All the way from the Netherlands: annegroen44 at hotmail dot com
billieblaikie (yes, I stole that name from The L Word) on Twitter.

hubbit said...

@hubbit on the Twitter

Woot! :)

Ashley Stevens said...

DEFINITELY!!!-Ashley Stevens


Nichole said...

twitter @wouldabeennice

Anonymous said...

E-mail: orangecountygal(at)

Twitter: orangecountygal

Mcbutchster said...

gator_ader (at) yahoo dot com

twitter: Mcbutchster

Ashley Stevens said...

DEFINITELY!!!-Ashley Stevens


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

viking25 (at)

twitter @tropicalchik

reading from South Florida.

Anonymous said...
twitter @shan1112

Kate said...

kvalpey (at) tiger (.) brenau (.) edu

...and those parenthetical dots definitely look like boobs.


Twitter- @east_berlin

Anonymous said...

I want it desperately..

Email: everything.dies.1980(at)

Twitter: @Nikita1980

I've been a follower of your lovely Blog for years, reading it from Portugal.

Lady Psyche n' The Frog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J9 said...

Though younger than me, I still want to read her book, and it would go well with my other signed first editions. Plus, I live just over the hill from where she grew up...

Lady Psyche n' The Frog said...

Greetings and salutations Ms. Snarker.

I'm a huge fan from Dominican Republic of both you and Ms. Maddow, so getting a Maddow book from you would rock my world!


Anonymous said...

Twitter: @janaykinney

Anonymous said...

email: muppetmanda at
twitter: @AmandaKirchner

Shout out from Sacramento, CA

Any chance we can offer bribes? ;)

Stephanie Little said...

Ahhh how exciting, I'm not even sure when the UK release date is!

stephklittle [at] hotmail [dot] com

Tweeter Pottski30

And I'm reading from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England

Maggie Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maggie Rose said...

maggie (at)

Twitter: @margaretrosey

I love reading your blog while sitting in my office at the University of Missouri in good ol' Columbia. :-)

Anonymous said...

sinclair.heather.k (at)

already following you on twitter :) kh_sinclair

loving your blog from Storrs, CT at the moment, but started reading your stuff at afterellen back in high school in Alaska :)

gartlande said...
would love to have this on my shelf!

Christy said...


cms519 at yahoo

Twitter: cms519

Reading from Philadelphia

Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

I love your site and have been reading for years! I'm in Nashville, TN! (So many exclamations!)

high.pitched at
on the twitters: @officialdonika

Anonymous said...

An italian girl interested in american politics reading from Australia :)

Anonymous said...

NipsyMain (



Unknown said...

Whoa yes! Signed copy!
email is leahford(at),
twitter: @angrynaps

Megan O. said...

ahh so exciting! :) you rock!

i'm megan037 (at)
and @megan037 on twitter

coming to you from the wonderful philadelphia :)

Wicked.Rebel.Rose said...

*bouncing up and down on my chair* "pick me, pick me!"

kennedysrose (at)



Reading you (that sounds dirty) almost exclusively from Southeastern Massachusetts.

P.S. I'm think you're magnificent.

Ava said...

thesaturnyear @

Twitter - @thesaturnyear

I am reading from good old NYC. :)

Unknown said...

worleydervish @

Twitter: @WorleyDervish

Coming to you from the utterly awesome Madison, Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of yours, Dorothy, reading from Amherst, Mass.

stringer4fun (at)


Anonymous said...


E: l_myers (at) hotmail. co. uk
T: @LauraRMyers

Sending love and snark from Reading, UK! Oh, did I mention that THE BLESSED KATE WINSLET WAS BORN HERE. *smug*


Meg said...

Thank you so much! Ms Snarker, you are awesome.
howell.philippa (at)
Twitter: mcmused

Asteiriks said...

gfishka (at)


Hooray Rachel Maddow! And you, for distributing Rachel Maddow to (a piece) of the masses!

itwashappiness said...

I'm Rachel, and I'm from Canada!

@: rachelrichard25 (at)
T: @MissRRachel

Anonymous said...

from up the road in NW Oregon


twitter DIYHickCrone

sarahdee86 said...

sarahdee86 (at)
Twitter handle @Sarahollibaugh

This book sounds amazing! How lucky you are to have a copy already!

Anonymous said...


Kelsey said...

This would be so very awesome.

kelsey.s_15 (at)

@todayhasbeenok1 on twitter

Reading in little old New Zealand!

Lana G. said...

Yes, please :)


@lgreer5262 on Twitter

And I'm in San Diego. You have a huge following here! :)

Stefany said...

Hoping I get lucky

ascstefany (at)

@eli_stef on twitter

a Peruvian girl reading from Berlin Germany

tc said...

Be still my heart.

webfootedmoose [at] gmail [dot] com

twitter: @webfootedmoose

JellyManKelly said...

k.winecheck123 (at)
@LeimLeabhair on the tweety

Ms. Snarker,
My name's Kelly and I've been an adoring fan and daily reader since 2009 when I came out and first went casting blindly about The Interwebs, searching for someone as thoroughly gay as I, and found you. Hope you'll consider me.

Hailing from Santa Ana, CA

Emmeline said...

Let joy be unconfined!

Email is aaydld (at)
Twitter is @you_me_dancing_

I'm from the UK but studying abroad in NC, and loving it.

Unknown said...

theragamuffins3 (at)
From Ohio! Yours is the only blog I read daily! <3

Priya said...

thepriyaaa (at)
@parora89 (twitter)

Thank you for this opportunity! You're awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, please.
@BronxAv - twitter - email

dealanexmachina said...

dealanexmachina (at)

twitter @dealan311

Love the blog, and your tumblr.

AngetothePange said...


Twitter: @angetothepange

Currently, I'm reading/twitter-following you from my new apartment in LA, but two months ago such reading/following was happening from my lovely home state of Minnesota, dontchya know ;)

Imgladwehadthistalk said...

cmhaydt (at) gmail dot com

twitter: ichwaschemich

I'm pretty sure I (creepily enough) follow you on everything, -- it just so happens I logged in on Tumblr before I logged in here.
I live in the US, but while I was studying abroad in Scotland in 2010 and 2011 I was also reading from there.

Anonymous said...


on the twitter machine just call me kidney bean

washington, dc!

Marcella said...

I'm happy to let someone else have the book - politics doesn't really bring out my best side. I just wanted to let you know that I read and enjoy your blog every day, and that I'm waving to you from the UK!

Anonymous said...


Twitter: @nnif

I'm from London, Baby!

EA said...


Captcha worsd aren't even words. hmph.

Anonymous said...

vlp131 (at)

Twitter @vicki595

And I'm currently in the wilds of Pennsylvania. Which is more commonly known as State College!

eg116 said...

this would be an excellent anniversary gift for my girlfriend!

we live in oakland, ca

emglatter [at]

Maggie said...

mkeenanb [at]

@mkeenanb on twitter

Reading from New York, NY!

Anonymous said...

timshel501 [at] gmaildotcom

and tweeting from SF @christinacz

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Pretty pretty please!


Originally from NorCal, now in Central Massachusetts!

Anonymous said...

Anna @Anna_Avocado

ModelThroughit86 (at)

Dawn said...

s g u y r u t [at] g m a i l [dot] c o m

@t h e s u n n y g

Commenting from Pittsburgh! What a nice giveaway. Good on you, publishers, and Ms. Snarker!

Anonymous said...

m a u r e e n 3 6 0 2 (at) h o t m a i l (dot) com

Lillerina said...

@lillerina / lillerina [at] gmail [dot] com

kesse said...

Me! I want to win!!! Can I win even though I'm from the Philippines?

twitter name: @kesse

tlsintx said...

good lord, am I #200???

pick me Snarker!!

telliott79ster at gmail dot com

@tlsintx on twitter

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