Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Be my guest

Those who have been here a while know that I love it when certain guests come on Elle DeGeneres’ show. Allison Janney in particularly, but Emma Thompson worked that pole like a pro. But now, well, now there may be a new rival for my affection in the Great Panted One’s guest chair. And that someone is Melissa McCarthy. Now my love for Melissa is no secret. I’ll say it loud and say it proud. But the best way to really appreciate her is to see her in action. Not just her films, though come on if you haven’t seen her in “Bridesmaids” I seriously fear for your mental health, but also her overall persona which is fun and honest and flat-out hilarious. She comes off as real, which is what she is. And a real funny lady is something the world could always use more of, sitting next to Ellen or not. So here is a little taste of the funny business that ensues when Melissa and Ellen get their chat on. I can’t wait for her to come back after the Oscars. Oh yeah, and about that, I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of the sound of Academy Award nominee Melissa McCarthy.

On the Golden Globes

On her Spanx

On a test scene for “Bridesmaids 2”


Norma Desmond said...

The first video is probably my favorite: "Oh my god, you're Meryl Streep!" I've been in the same space as MS on a few occasions, but I always kind of figured, if I actually met her, that's all I'd be able to say...

Roz Turner said...

She is super awesome and hilarious. The spanx story in particular has had me giggling like a madwoman for the past 10 minutes...which says a lot about me ;)

Anonymous said...

Freaking hilarious! I love Melissa. Think I'll have to dust off my Gilmore Girls DVDs.

egghead said...

"Think I'll have to dust off my Gilmore Girls DVDs."

That's right!! Gilmore Girls!!

Anyway, love her. Beautiful woman. Pitch perfect with her comedy.

Anonymous said...

If I ever had the ‘good’ fortune to meet Jolie I am fairly sure I would find something to talk about!

“I have a lot I need to learn…”

You certainly do Angie darling, you certainly do!!! Top of the list I’d say was your pressing need to become considerably more discerning when selecting you friends! The Council on Foreign Relations?!! Good God woman, we can only hope that you are indeed a ‘useful idiot’ and not some eugenicist like bloody Buffet or those odious Gates people!

CO2? Wake up people!!! WAKE UP!!! It’s all about population reduction and it ALWAYS has been! Those pseudo scientific man-made global warming LIES were invented SOLELY with the intention of justifying massive population reduction measures!

Anyway, I’m getting a little sidetracked aren’t I? Thank you again Snarks! The embarrassing ‘star struck’ episode notwithstanding, this McCarthy woman is indeed rather amusing. (We should I suppose, be relieved she didn’t burst into tears like that woman you inflicted on us yesterday! :) ) Please do get a grip people! Those ‘stars’ are, after all, *only* *people*, people!!! And more often than not, not particularly impressive people either!

“If you haven’t seen her in “Bridesmaids” I seriously fear for your mental health”

Darling, *admit it*; you seriously fear for my mental health regardless of whether or not I’ve seen this ‘Bridesmaids’ thing (film? TV Show???) !!! I hate to break it to you though Snarks darling, there is nothing whatsoever the matter with my mental health! Nothing!!! (At times I actually wish there was! That way I could go back to happily gorging myself on the likes of HG and Myka ALL DAY without any of those ‘you should be fighting the NWO!!!’ pangs of guilt!) But alright, I’ll look into these ‘Bridesmaids’ of yours when I get the chance!


PS Wait a minute Snarks, is this your way of telling me you’re getting hitched AGAIN??? :D

P(2)S As you know, I’ve had a few ‘star’ encounters myself over the years. One of the more recent ones being Jim Corr of the Irish band, ‘The Corrs’. Jim is in my experience a perfectly decent bloke who is a joy to chat to. Incidentally, the poor chap had to undergo public ridicule and tax persecution by the Irish government for coming out as a fervent Irish patriot and anti-NWO activist. Fair play Jim! Fair play! Now, if you could only get those sisters of yours on board we’d be ever so grateful! :D

P(3)S Bono? Darling, I think it’s best I leave now less things get violent!!!

Anonymous said...

Bridesmaids was so funny I almost vomited. I am not a sizeist, but am a realist and am worried for her health. I also cannot stand Ellen Degeneres because she was always gay and never told anyone just like R.O who I also cannot stand. That one anonymous does seem to be your ex and a nutter. CREEPY

tlsintx said...

Melissa is so adorable. And Ellen! Lookin so dapper!

MakingSpace said...

I couldn't watch the videos because the pic of Ellen was so darn cute. She is just unendingly adorable. Happysigh...

Anonymous said...

Methinks PD needs their own blog.So tiring to always scroll past pages and pages of book length comments.