Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tank Top Tuesday: Global Warming Edition

It’s been an unusually warm winter out here in California. Granted, it’s California. So it’s always going to be warmer in the winter than, say, Minnesota. But still, even for the Golden State it’s a little nuts. Especially up here in Northern California. I mean, it’s supposed to hit the 70s this week. It’s still February, right? I know this should probably be wringing my hands about global warming and our carbon emissions. And – don’t worry, Al Gore – I totally do. But I’m also a tiny bit selfishly grateful for our depleted ozone layer. Because it means ladies are going to break out the tank tops that much faster. Hey, don’t judge me. I recycle.

Troian Bellisario
Troian Bellisario
I’m so behind on my “Pretty Little Liars.” Is Spencer gay yet? Because she should be.

Lena HeadeyRemember when Lena was on that show about robots from the future and she ran around in a lot of tank tops. Yeah, me too.

Olivia WildeRemember when Olivia was on that show about teenagers from The O.C. and she made out with Mischa Barton? Yeah, me too.

Maria BelloOh, “Prime Suspect,” you could have been so damn good.

Halle BerryIt’s been 10 years since she won her Oscar. I know, that is blowing my mind too.

Mila KunisMore movies where you make out with Natalie Portman. Less movies where you make out with Justin Tumberlake. Oh, and don’t even consider making out with Ashton Kutcher again, honey.

Charlize TheronEvery time I see her in a tank top I think, “You know what, $140,000 for a kiss might even be a little low.”

Michelle RodriguezIf I had a dollar for each time Michelle gave a camera this look I’d be able to buy everyone of you a tank top, and then some.

Hope Solo
Hope Solo
OK, OK – this isn’t “technically” a tank top. But it sure makes me appreciate warm weather. Also sweat. Also abs. Mmmm, abs.

Right, so maybe our carbon footprint isn’t looking so great. But until the rising oceans swallow all the land, I’m going to enjoy this silver lining while I can.


sarcofugus said...

Hmm ... so it turns out that there is a tiny little good side to climate change... ;P

And, damn ... *wolf whistles*

Wonderful pictures and wonderful post - as usual Ms. Snarker.

egghead said...

Oh. You had me at Gillian Anderson . . .

J9 said...

Opening image causes heart attack, and wet undies...

maya said...

"Now we can swim any day in November..."

Anonymous said...

“I know this should probably be wringing my hands about global warming and our carbon emissions.”

No darling, you should be wringing your hands worrying about all the horrible economy-crippling carbon taxes they are going to levy on us based on their man-made global warming LIE!!!


For the last time darling; we cannot prevent the planet warming (if it is indeed warming, which I doubt!) no more than we can turn down a dimmer switch on the sun! (For that’s what it would take!) Man-made global warming (if it is even man-made in the first place – which I HIGHLY doubt!) was *invented* as a political expedient by those villains in the ‘Club of Rome’!


Darling, look for yourself; the science just does not add up and thousands of honest scientists are saying so! (Of course the mainstream media refuses to listen to them, let alone publish their concerns. Delingpole and a handful of others notwithstanding.) Think about it darling – was the Medieval Warm Period (Google it!) the ruin of civilisation? Hardly! In the UK they had vineyards in the north of England and built loads of lovely cathedrals!!!


Do not fall for the fraudulent ‘science’ Snarks! “Fraudulent?!!” Yes indeed, multiple huge CRIMINAL frauds have been perpetrated in order to further this political agenda! Chief among them a little (actually, not so little!) incident known as ‘Climategate’ that happened in the autumn of 2009.


As for your unseasonably high temperatures? It’s called WEATHER darling! While you may be basking in that winter sun of yours, spare a thought for those poor buggers in Eastern Europe who have been freezing! Freezing their little- *Cough ahem* Crashing on!

On a happier note; Headley & Rodriguez - Holy Happy Tank Top Tuesday Batman!!! :D


PS Al Gore is a DAMN CROOK who stands to make a fortune in carbon credit trading on the back of this fiasco!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I'ts SUMMER here and it was only 16C the other day (that's about 60F). What a crazy world.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on an outstanding T3 edition! Lena, Oluvyah, MBello (Oh Jane Timoney was so good!), Charlize and MRod - bookended by Scully and Solo? Dayum, woman! So much pretty... Cgrrl

Cat said...

"especially up here in Northern California."

Long time reader that thought you were based in L.A.

Irregardlessly, thank you for the lovely images, Snarker.

Anonymous said...

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