Thursday, October 13, 2011

A week without gay

All my gay or should-be-gay shows are on break or on mini-hiatus this week. It’s very distressing. “Warehouse 13,” “Lost Girl,” “Rizzoli & Isles,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Glee.” Where has the gay gone? Instead I’ve been forced to sit through a long, dry week without their gay charms. Thank heavens for the budding subtext on “2 Broke Girls” or I’d be totally awash in heterosexuality. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are heterosexual. But I wish they wouldn’t, you know, flaunt it on the TV and everything. I mean, they can be whoever they want in private, I don’t know why they have to be so out there. Sheesh. Though, in times like these, I turn to the light for salvation. And by “light,” I of course mean fanvids on YouTube. They are like a lighthouse guiding all our missing ships back to safety.

Bless you, fangirls. Bless you and your Final Cut Pro very much for getting me through these terribly dull waters.

Warehouse 13

Even Hitler isn’t over the finale yet, people. Hitler.

Lost Girl

I swear to faeking God, if Bo and Lauren don’t at least kiss next episode I am going to explode from the sexual tension and then send the “Lost Girl” writers the clean-up bill.

Rizzoli & Isles

Nov. 28 still feels a million years away. Someone please kiss my nose with a giant stuffed teddy bear and make it all better.

Pretty Little Liars

I’ve decided I don’t ship Emily with Maya or Paige or Samara. I ship Emily with Hanna. Because those two, those two actually have chemistry together – onscreen and off.


It feels naughty to ship a threesome. The good kind of naughty.

In fandom we trust. You’re always there for us, always.


Philippa said...

Just been woken up to go to work 3 hours earlier, so in a foul mood, but that warehouse 13 hitler video has just totally made my day!!!! Cheers DS!

vrgriffith said...

This is just another endorsement of the fanfic sites.

shade said...

I hear you. That's whats been getting me through Hotpants withdrawal.....ok soooo not how that sounded. those longing looks....... just got very hot in here.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for some actual Arizona and Callie scenes on Grey's tonight although that might be wishful thinking. Miss Glee and Rizzoli and Isles. Thank goodness for fanfic lol.

Anonymous said...

Really? Oh she was so right that a lot of lesbian sites were going to start lamenting and belly aching about the lack of FAKE lesbians on television.

It's Crazy (with a Capital "C") that when it came to supporting a REAL lesbian like Amber Heard on television. Dorothy Surrenders is SILENT. I read on another blog that such logic transcends hypocrisy (or something like that).

Somrtimes i's bast NOT to draw attention to yourself,

Anonymous said...

"It's Crazy (with a Capital "C") that when it came to supporting a REAL lesbian like Amber Heard on television. Dorothy Surrenders is SILENT."

Amber Heard, now which one is she? Ah, the gun toting (hurrah!) hot little Texan that brings to mind certain 1950s blonde bombshells? Sure, I'll support her. Why not? Especially if she'll give me a shot of her guns! :) But darling, why does she need support? Have the ATF gone and confiscated some of her prize possessions?

Do you mean we should support her because that lamentable Playboy thing has been cancelled? Nah, poor choice! She’ll just have to chalk it up to experience and lobby Jack Kenny for the role of Jules (Juliette) Verne on next year’s W13. She’ll have to get practising on that French accent of course! (Personally I’d prefer Binoche! And a bonus for Kenny - she has the accent down pat!)


Anonymous said...

PS It would seem poor Myka has a type. (A frightfully singular type at that!) Should they decide not to resurrect HG (perish the thought!), I reckon some hot gallic 'rebound' action is well in order for our poor Secret Service agent! After all, she hasn't had a shag since... Season 1?! :)

Anonymous said...

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Norma Desmond said...

Today has been absolutely rotten... This helps. :)

Scribbler said...

You missed one:

Anonymous said...

The Holy Trinity was excellent! Britannaquin?

Anonymous said...

Whatcha mean by "explode"...? ;)

Izzy said...

Sounds like a bad week - I'd feel sad if deprived of the above lovelies' charms.

And on another note - did you see Katy Perry's shirt/bow tie combo on UK X Factor? Awesome :)

Anonymous said...

I usually soothe my desperation and longing with smutty Faberry fanfics. xD *is a pervy dyke*

Oh, and I think the name for Quinn/Brittany/Santana is Fabrittana. ^^