Friday, October 21, 2011

My Weekend Crush

Julie Benz is like milk and honey, with a shot of bourbon slipped in when no one is looking. That’s why 14 years ago Joss Whedon picked her to be the first thing we saw on screen to show us not to judge that proverbial book by its proverbial cover. That a show called “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” wasn’t as silly as its name. And that a blond-haired, blue-eyed, innocent in a schoolgirl uniform could turn into bumpy foreheaded, big-fanged undead killer. There’s more than meets the eye here. Since then Julie has continued to defy our at-first-glance expectations. She’s not just the pretty, wholesome blond. She’s also wickedly sexy. You can see it with a cock of her eyebrow – that delicious flash. Whether she’s the stripper with a heart-of-gold and an unexpected eye for the ladies on “Desperate Housewives” or the damaged, fragile single mom who turn into the humanizing force in the life of a cold, calculated psychopath on “Dexter,” she manages to surprise. Yet there is one thing about her that I think would be exactly as you’d expect. When she laughs, you just know she’d be a lot of fun to have a cocktail with, or several. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. You know, not that you asked, but I wanted to offer corroborating evidence on that whole wickedly sexy thing. What can I say, I’m thorough. French toast, anyone?


shade said...

Holy..... *swoons*
I especially liked her in the 'Angel' episode where she had a child. That was a powerful performance. A very versatile actress.

bali Ring said...

that was lovely big blue...I love it wish to dream it

Anonymous said...

Darla and Drusilla---now THAT was a duo that had me running for fanfics.

I loved Julie Benz on BTVS, but when she paired with Juliet Landau on Angel after Drusilla (re)sired Darla and they went on a rampage, well now that was beyond awesome.

The first time I remember Julie was when she appeared on the TV show Roswell. Julie was also great on both Dexter and No Ordinary Family and was the only reason I started tuning in to Desperate Housewives again.

Sadly Julie seems to have little to do in her new role on A Gifted Man. I really hope that Julie finds another show or movie that will showcase her talents.

Urban Jointz said...

I think I'm going to watch the show now...!

Sasha said...

She'll always be the vampire Darla to me :)

the_deuceCuatro said...

ah! she went to my high school!

Anonymous said...

"She’s not just the pretty, wholesome blond. She’s also wickedly sexy."

And almost a big a flirt as that Jaime Murray! :)

I had no idea she was on Buffy! I'm not what you'd call a Buffy expert. So thanks for the tip Snarks. Perhaps I will check that out?

I too thought she was great as the stripper. Her housewife love interest was also great. (Ah YouTube, where would I be without you? Forced to sit through hours and hours of mediocre TV that's where! :) )

Btw have you seen that pic Murray has up on her Twitter? (Twitter?! Jeez, who would countenance such insanity?! Oh NO, not you TOO Snarks?!) It featured Murray, Benz and their alleged "therapist". Most amusing. :) Generally I am very wary when it comes to 'starz' (most are probably nothing more than overpaid and overinflated egos on sticks!) however, I would be willing to risk a few cocktails in the company of Ms Benz and Ms Murray! :) Perhaps you'd be willing to join us for a foursome Snarks? Singapore slings still your tipple?


PS To forestall any unfortunate (not to mention libellous) misapprehensions; I am NOT stalking Jaime Murray! Alright, that’s not being entirely truthful... What I will say is this; I am MOST DEFINATELY NOT stalking her Stateside! :)

Anonymous said...

"ah! she went to my high school!"

I hope they inaugurated a High School cocktail in her honour?! :)

Anonymous said...

"I especially liked her in the 'Angel' episode where she had a child."

Up to speed now (I think) thanks to a charming YT piece entitled, 'Transylvanian Concubines'. I say, if witchcraft and alike really IS a sin, such unabashed and downright debached lesbian occult orgies mean we're all destined for the pit for sure! Might not be so bad if Darla's gonna be there... :D

Tell me, who did she have the damn child WITH? Drusilla?! :)

Subtext?! More like Whedon had been wearing out his old 'The Hunger' VHS tape again! :D


Anonymous said...

PS Just rewatched the YT. Damn those YT-ers and their clever editing! :)

Norma Desmond said...

I love Julie on Buffy, obviously, but I loved her stint on Angel more. As for that clip from DH, well... I've watched it many, nany times. Just seeing/reading the words "french toast" make for a lovely day full of deliciously naughty daydreams.

(AND she's friends with Jaime Murray... How's THAT for happy thoughts??)

egghead said...

Wow, getting over the shock that I never knew Julie Benz and she was right in front of me during the entire Buffy saga. . .

Methinks Benz has been unduly influenced taking on stripper/lesbian she wolf role (with little feet) right out in the open on ABC. And, and, Dana Delaney was so cute with her blushing.

Where have I been to have missed all this soapy goodness on regular tv?

(sorry for the late post) still recovering from shock of Benz as Darla?

Anonymous said...

watch the boondock saints 2: all saints day. she plays an fbi agent. i love the movie

Anonymous said...

ah hahahahaha!

i laughed cus of her cloth.
looks like silky. i mean looks beautiful,
just,..her acting looks so comical..

nice weekend!

i personally like french toast,
i'm not sure this is french toast,
my method is that without oil on pan
warm up a piece of bread until it looks like
crispy and little brownish,

when it's done. just take it on a plate and
spread some sugar on it like tiny diamond.
(imagine you're the true artist when you
drop the sugar on it.)

then eat it with a mug of coffee
(no sugar, no cream on it,
very light : my fave)

i like crispy toast so i dropped egg.

egghead said...

"(most are probably nothing more than overpaid and overinflated egos on sticks!)"

Highly doubt that, lol, or at least what I see on this site are strong, evolved, educated, highly artistic purveyors of pretendiocity. And beautiful, kind creatures, to boot.

Denizen said...

Another thing she has in common with Jaime Murray is her near 100% televisual mortality rate.

Wait, possibly even more than 100%, given she's managed to die *more than once* on some shows.

Ava said...

I once met Julie Benz (and her husband) in a mall in suburban Maryland. It was sometime around Christmas, because I was shopping in one of those calendar stores that only pop up at Christmas time. I saw this gorgeous blonde woman so of course I took another look and then realized holy shit, it was Julie Benz. (She was wearing an Angel jacket, so I was sure it was her.) I stealthily watched her for a few minutes trying to decide if I should go up to her and working up the courage to do so, and when I did approach her she was lovely.

I still haven't seen her in anything except Buffy and Angel, though. I really should remedy that.

re646 said...

Desperate Housewives was always in my "to watch" list, but i never really put it in the top, but after watching the video last week i just had to watch it. So i started downloading the series on last saturday, than i started watching it and i have already watched 4 whole seasons in just one week XD i cant wait for her to appear =]