Friday, October 07, 2011

My Weekend Crush

I’m not over it. Still. Almost a week later, it makes my little gay heart weep. Still. I just can’t stop thinking about the “Warehouse 13” finale. Still. Much of this is because of the wonderfully suggestive open-mouthed acting of Jaime Murray. Her HG isn’t exactly a poker face when it comes to her desires. But just as much, if not more, is due to Joanne Kelly’s subtle, poignant portrayal of Myka. Her cool, rational Agent Myka Bering has always been the perfect counterpoint to the excitable, overgrown Labrador that is Agent Pete Lattimer. But with the introduction of HG, we’ve peeled back another layer to see her warm, vulnerable heart.

What shipper long suspected, Kelly confirmed at Comic-Con this summer when she confirmed that Myka and HG “fell in love a little bit.” But in the finale, she gave a clinic on all the ways to say “I love you” without ever saying I love you. It was wonderful and terrible and something I won’t soon forget. That’s stick-to-your-ribs storytelling. But it wouldn’t have worked without Joanne, whose character has really grown the most on “Warehouse 13.” From uptight and by-the-book to badass and unexpectedly sensitive. Also, I’m a sucker for that long, lean smart yet slightly geeky type. She’s a charmer that Joanne, and a looker. And a heartbreaker with one look – or, in this case, many. Dammit, that pocket watch better do a lot more than tell time. Happy weekend, all.


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You and the ENTIRE FANDOM are not over it. I'm afraid I won't be over it till next summer. God help the producers if the don't bring HG back in *some* capacity. This is "Xena finale" levels of potential grief here. I will say, without reservation though, that the writers on this show have consistently upped their game, and the characters have evolved beautifully (not at the same speed of course, but that would be completely know, in a show about Artifacts ;) However the story of HG and Myka ends (and please PLEASE don't let it be over yet) I tip my hats to the cast, crew and production team of Warehouse.


Anonymous said...

I smell apples.

Anonymous said...

nothing is beautiful and everything hurts :'(

at least until next summer.

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you Ms. Snarker. Just this morning I went on I-Tunes to download Running Up That Hill by Track & Field.
And of course I cried all over again, watching that video. Not to mention the Myka/HG vids popping up.

Luckily I have 2 DVD from Netflix, Hustle and Spartacus Gods of the Arena so I can get my Jaime fix. Thinking I might be crushing a bit on HG so, Myka is all yours!

Please, please, please, somebody make sure the HG spinoff happens with Ms. Jaime Murray!

Jamie said...

I'm all choked up. I weep for what could have been...

Shannon said...

I'm with you Dorothy AND every one of you that has commented on here about Warehouse 13 and the relationship of Myka and H.G.

Both these actresses brought their A-game for this wonderful and emotionally gut-wrenching season finale. Along with all of the other great storylines that ran through this episode... I mean, who didn't feel Claudia's pain?

I loved all the moments between Jamie and Joanne - SIGH - all that longing that you could just read in their faces, all that love as you stated Dorothy, without ever having said the words.

This was certainly one hell of a season finale, that left me breathless and emotionally spent and SO ready for 2012 and the next season of Warehouse 13, where I too hope that Artie has something up his sleeve with that watch!!!

Anonymous said...

*so much flailing*

There are two lines that get me more than anything...

"The price is too high."

"But you are... you're out there."

I'm so torn between being crazy sad (well, I've been crazy sad the whole time) and being so damn pissed off. It's just beer logic crap, but I'm trying to write fanfic and then I have to make sense of the damn beer logic. Why did the regents need to know Sykes's endgame (in hindsight if they'd killed him endgame just wouldn't have happened)? And FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, in what universe DO THE GOOD GUYS KILL THEIR OWN so the enemy won't get what they want??? It'd be like Xena telling Gabrielle that 'I'm sorry they wanna kidnap you and use you against me, so I'm gonna KILL YOU so they won't get to you'. Like O'Neill telling Carter that 'Oh, the Goa'uld wanna kidnap you and force you to program a weapon for them, so I'm gonna kill you now to prevent that from happening'. It's insane! It's wrong! I'm so bloody pissed off about it. It doesn't matter that HG is all noble and self-sacrificing and thinks it's a good idea. IT'S WRONG. (And besides, it wouldn't have gotten them anything! Sykes would still have been out there, just as determined, only now HG would be dead.)

Danie said...

Ugh to the ending. On the other hand, Emily Hannah Lake = Hail Myka n Helena.

And I agree, that stopwatch better be darn good. (Either that or the Warehouse better, really, really like her).

Lennox said...

"May I say, madam, an excellent choice."

I'm still talking over a lump in my damned throat!! I bought the show's version of "running up that hill" and love it, but then I have a Pavlovian response of wanting to weep pumping gas.

Joanne not only played the HELL out of the finale - but the actress herself as been all kinds of awesome about the storyline and the subtext and is the first to correct clueless interviewers and tell them Myka's romance is with HG. Dammit.

She's on our side, and I love her for it. Add talent, beauty and stir, and we have Joanne.

So let's make sure we get her woman back. #comebackHG

A fan said...

How bout Troian for your weekend crush? Have you seen this?

she was in a lesbian movie too.

no-one said...

I've had a thing for Joanne since she first showed up on Jeremiah back in the day.
She just keeps getting better and better as Myka, and is great the way she can convey so much with her eyes.
I hope they bring HG back somehow.

A Fan said...

sorry, just realized the first link got cut.

Anonymous said...

"HG isn’t exactly a poker face when it comes to her desires."

Yes... But I reckon she plays the cards fairly close to her chest when it comes to LOVE? As such I find her poignantly mouthed “Yes” in answer to Myka’s love and desperation filled questioning look quite believable. (Look again guys; as an astute poster on AE (who watched with close caps :) ) pointed out, it wasn’t “Thank you”, it was “Yes”!)

Sigh. What a show! I haven’t felt so caught up a ‘dumb’ TV drama since... Actually, I’m having trouble thinking of when that was. (Don’t watch much TV.) Damn you W13! :)


PS The more I think about it, the more I am convinced HG will be back. (Unless Murray bails. Don’t you dare darling! :) ) I mean, they have to save the Warehouse and so they’re gonna have to save HG. Either that, or I'm a Dutchwoman!

Goedenavond! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey...started watching W13 because of you, now look what I've got!

this one is finda of fun

Thanks for my latest tv addiction Mam.

cheers from brazil

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more Ms. Snarker...I don't remember the last time i was so emotionally invested in fictional TV characters...makes me feel like a schoolgirl whose heart just got broken and she can't stop obesssing about it!
thank god we have fanfiction to tide us over...and faith in the watch :)