Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making up for Lost time

On Tumblr, those delightful kids have this meme where they compare expectation to reality. Expectation is always something amazinglyawesomekickasssexy. Reality is decidedly more disappointing. And, in a way, the same meme could be applied to this season of “Lost Girl.” Expectation and reality have clashed a bit. Many fans have grumbled, myself included, about the prolonged mopey teenage pining Bo has done over the end of her relationship with Dyson. I did not tune in to see a heartsick emo succubus. I tuned in to see an amazinglyawesomekickasssexy succubus going all badass and blue-eyed on the baddies (and sometimes also the goodies). I did not tune in for Dawson’s Fae.

Some of you have worried that the lovesick, less sexy Bo is because SyFy has picked up the series for U.S. air. Producers swore at Comic-Con over the summer that SyFy hadn’t asked for any naughty scene cuts (just a few naughty word bleeps). But, indeed, it could be a case of self censoring. The show has been tamer. It could also be a function of story. A lot of her sexytimes last season were with wolfboy and now they’re no longer together. Access problems can be a real thing, people.

But I think some of the problem may also just be growing pains. The series had a considerable growth spurt between its first and second seasons, expanding from 13 episodes to 22 episodes. So perhaps that extension has slowed down the storytelling. At this point last year we would have been almost half way through the season. Now we’re barely a fourth of the way in. They’d never have been able to stretch out a breakup like this last season, that’s for sure.

Still I am keeping the faith that our expectation and reality when it comes to “Lost Girl” will meet not just in the middle, but nearer the amazinglyawesomekickasssexy side very, very soon. If the last episode and its excruciation sexual tension between Lauren and Bo are any indication, we could be in for something good. Really, really good. That boob graze is a perfect surrogate for all of our lust. We want our Doccubus and we want it now. And if we don’t get some, well, then I will be the first to call unfair Docc Block on the show and its frustrating of our fangirl fantasies.

Look, “Lost Girl,” we can be patient. But we won’t wait forever. Give us the good stuff. And by good stuff, I mean some Dr. Hotpants pants dropping. Preferably this Sunday. Preferably every Sunday.

p.s. Don’t forget to check in every Tuesday on AfterEllen for your friendly neighborhood Lost Girl SnapCaps.


Shade said...

I have spent the last 3 weeks with fanfics just trying to keep the tempo up but it's starting to get difficult now. I love the slow tease, it means they're onto something real. But I need SOMETHING!! Starting with more Hotpants time, preferably with Bo.

Voo said...

"We want our Doccubus and we want it now" -truer words have never been said, Ms.Snarker...they cant just give give us that crazyhot sex scene in season one and then leave us blue-balled forever..
No on DocBlock!!!


PatsyBailey said...

I feel the exact same way you feel, Snarker. And I am confident this show will deliver. If you look at it this way, the build up is even greater ^-^
Loved you blog as always! Kind *waving* from Holland

Anonymous said...

For me 'grumbled' is an understatement. Especially during that episode where Dyson wasn't even the focus of the story yet still manages to pop up out of some wolf wagon(it rhymes)with conveniently non-existent shirt. And don't get me started, well too late now, but don't get me hammering one whole essay on that scene where Doctor Hotpants is baking muffins while Bo is shagging another wolf frat boy within earshot and throwing some gratuitous straight sex while we're here hanging with a boob graze. Yeah, a boob graze. That's like an average morning for me at the tube. Boob/ass grazes from everyone. And it's rude to shag someone when someone who obviously likes you is a few feet away from you. I'm not the most polite person in the whole world but who the fae raised you?! A pack of wolves?! Oh right. That is not how you treat a lady, fae hungry or not.

...and yes, I do need to deal with my own, erm, frustrations.

buddyroe said...

I may be one of the few Lost Girl fans who isn't that upset with the protracted breakup. This way, we see that Bo dealing with the reality of it, watching Dyson move on, and getting a sense of finality before she moves forward. This way, anything that develops with Lauren is no heart-broke, butt-hurt rebound fling. It could be something completely honest and real... for once. I live in hope!

Anonymous said...

Ergh, you know what, I think I'm going to hammer that one essay length rant while my PMS induced frustration is still fuelling my ability to say that 'eff you' as coherently as possible.

I AM EFFING FLABBERGASTED at the lack and just plain dark as Calcutta sized absence of lesbian characters on tv. There is none of any of us there!! And I am so damn sick of the pandering, the oh-I-kiss-a-girl-Katy-Perry-that-poptard subtext. This is not right, not at all. Do you know how hard is it to actually sit through one whole episode of Rizzoli and Isles only to hope that a waft of lesbian in the air could sustain you through the week of straight tv? The plot, the plot is just excruciating.

And Criminal Minds!! I did actually sit through all those nasty psychotic bloody screams simply for all those tiny small moments of JJ and Emily. Which is so not going to happen but what is a lesbian who watches tv do?

I know that you'll be screaming 'Oh, that's what fanfiction are for and the manips and the fangirling'. Yeah, hahahaha. Do you know how hard is it to be figuratively dragged through broken glass with that last scene of Warehouse 13 with that wonderfully British HG with her 'I smell apples' delirium; WITHOUT IT ACTUALLY being maintext?! And I know you'll go 'but hey, it's tv, and at least warehouse 13 has by far, the most lesbian friendly storylines'. AHA.AHA. NO. NO. I AM DONE. I do not want to have a bone thrown at me, literally or figuratively. I want the whole damn piece of turkey, on my lap, with all the juicy concrete gay storylines.

I am sooo not over the whole Jenny in the pool fiasco and I'm pretty sure I'm having some sort of tv PTSD but FOR GODDAMN ONCE, I would like a normal,stable, breathing, living lesbian on my tv.

One that won't be blown up, drown, disappear into a parking lot, get pregnant, have babies, sent to juvi, or even worse, isn't actually a lesbian but a lesbian bait. I'm looking at the whole cast of R&I, the writing just makes me want to sit on a knife. I'm also sick of having supposedly lesbian characters that we all know are lesbians only when it draws in the ratings. And sure, we have 13 this week on House going home, alive to her lovely partner, but that just means no more gay content for us.

When can we at last have a real person, who's mentally sound, multifaceted, excellently written, has a stable job, ups and downs, and just happens to be a lesbian with a decent sex life and no kids. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more, '2 Broke Girls'. Those lesbian jokes are so not amusing to a gay-content deprived PMSing lesbian.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I was getting a little upset and felt a little guilty for snapping pics of the subway posters :(

Except for the fact that it is a good poster of Dr. Hotpants.

Anonymous said...

it happens,..
when a show is really popular
then generally they add more episodes
so it slows little bit.

thanks for the posting!

Anonymous said...

'Dawsons Fae' - ha it's funny cos it's true. Equally it's heartbreaking cos it's true :(