Monday, May 02, 2011

That blessed arrangement

I’ll admit it. I like weddings. I like the idea of standing up in front of the people who matter most in your life and pledging a lifetime of love and commitment to one person. I’m a not-so-secret sap in that way. I also like the open bar and inevitable vat of meatballs in the buffet.

I’m somewhat more ambivalent about having a wedding myself. I’m not diametrically opposed to marriage, and I am absolutely adamant that we should have the legal right to get married. But I’m just not sure if I’ll ever do it myself. I came from a two-parent home where my mom and dad were happily married until the day he died six years ago. So it’s not like I am wary of the institution. I was just never the kid who dreamed about her wedding day. And you know I wasn’t dreaming about the big white dress. (White suit? Maybe.)

But liking weddings and wanting to get married are kind of different things, if you really think about it. Which is why I also like wedding scenes. And movies and TV are really good at wedding scenes. Like, really good. So I’m pretty excited about seeing the Callie and Arizona wedding this Thursday on “Grey’s Anatomy.” I’m excited on a number of levels. One, I like them as a couple (even if I don’t really like their show). Two, I already know they look beautiful in their dresses (seriously, get a load of those dresses – spoilers).

But more importantly, lesbian weddings don’t happen every day on TV. “The Simpsons,” when gay marriage became a Springfield industry. “All My Children,” I think – I don’t watch soaps. And that episode of “Friends” with the crazy hats. So, yeah, we’re due.

It matters seeing our lives reflected back to us with the full range of possibilities. Married, dating. Parents, single. Just like everyone else, we deserve the choices. Too often we’re just background decoration or token friend. Even if I may not necessarily dream about walking down the aisle, some little girl somewhere does. She deserves to see a beautiful bride look over at her beautiful bride on primetime television. So bring on the happily ever after for a change – especially since that ever after won’t be the end of the story.

And, if there’s anything I learned from accidentally staying up and watching the entire royal wedding last week, it’s that as happy as you are for the happy couple, there’s always the possibility that a Hot Sister will show up out of the blue and make you even happier. Like I said, I like weddings – a lot.


Kristan said...

"It matters seeing our lives reflected back to us with the full range of possibilities."

Yes it is. Great post, and I hope it's a great ep!

Emily said...

My thoughts exactly about the Royal Wedding. Kate will always be ridiculously hot, but now that she's married... Forget her. Helloooo, Pippa. ;) So glad we got to see her. What a gorgeous family. Their mom is beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

Callie and Arizona have so many problems(#1 being Mark's clitorcepting ass) that it's hard for me to get too excited about this wedding. Especially since Mark is the one giving them away and calling their parents "father in law". It's like, Dude this is not your fucing family. Though it's easy to see why he thinks it is because that's how Callie treats him.

sandi said...

I'm looking forward to the Callie and Arizona wedding on Thursday. While I'm not a big fan of the Mark aspect of the storyline the marriage isn't the only positive Shonda has given us. These are two well respected doctors that have established careers. Also, the fact that to the colleagues around them, it's no different than the relationships they are in(with the possible exception of once again, Mark).

Anonymous said...

All of my friends have pictured every detail of their future weddings from the moment they exited the womb, but I have never been one of those girls. My parents were also happily married until my father passed away seven years ago- so I also don't have any reason to think that marriage is a bad idea, I just never thought I'd do it- never wanted to do it.

But, lo and behold, I found a lady that makes me wanna go in front of all my closest friends and the parts of my family that are accepting, wear a silly dress (or a suit), speak mushy words of love, and mean and love every second of it. I can't wait to be her wife- legal or not. I'm counting down the seconds, in fact (even though it's a little too high for me to count, because we aren't getting married until next year).

So- I'm not saying "don't give up hope" or whatever because I was completely content in my avoidance of marriage until I met my lady, but I'm just saying- don't be afraid to change your mind.


FeltHat said...

I should have guessed all that early morning wedding watching would have lead to a wedding themed blog post! relived its this couple you chose to write about! by far preferable! FH