Monday, May 23, 2011

Live Glee Girls

I’ll tell you one thing, you can’t say those “Glee” kids don’t work hard for their fame. They film an hour-long TV show, which in itself is a lot of work. But on this hour-long TV show they are also required to learn and sing songs, learn and execute choreography and, of course, learn and perform their lines each week. And then, when the season is over, they don’t get off to Aruba like most celebrities for three months of uninterrupted strawberry daiquiri sipping on a private island. No, instead they go out on tour for almost two months. And going on tour requires they sing songs, learn choreography and perform their asses off night-after-night in front of thousands and thousands and thousands of screaming fans. I hope these guys are getting paid overtime and then some because that is a lot more work than the average TV star puts into his or her profession. Oh, and did I mention the tour is also going to be turned into a 3D movie? Seriously, by the time they leave “Glee” I hope every single cast member has made enough money to buy his/her own private island.

“The Glee Live! In Concert!” (their exclamation points, not mine), kicked off on Saturday in Las Vegas. It’ll run until July 3 (ending with dates across the pond for you UK Gleeks). And already there are breathless reports from fans about who danced when to what. And video, lots of delightfully shaky, enthusiastically joyous video. And, because I care, I’m happy to share them with you without even charging a service fee.

Heather Morris, “Slave 4 U”

My life can now be split into two distinct categories: 1) Times when I am watching Heather Morris dance and I am happy, and 2) Times when I am not.

Naya Rivera, “Valerie”

She ran, backwards, in heels. Also, don’t think I didn’t see you checking out Naya’s ass there, Heather.

The Cast, “Born This Way”

Naya wore the Lebanese shirt. And black knee socks. And tiny, tiny, tiny shorts.

Right, so, clearly in the interest of supporting these hard-working actors and allowing them to continue to practice their craft, I must now buy a ticket to this show.

It’s about the appreciating the arts, people – not seeing those tiny, tiny, tiny shorts in person. Ahem.


Urban Jointz said...

I've always had a love / hate relationship with the show but I must admit... You have to respect them for the work they put into it. Talk about going above and beyond!

J9 said...

It's tomorrow at Shoreline...

lmfny said...

I'm always glad to see Naya in tiny shorts, but they left the LGBT-specific verse out of "Born this Way," just like they did on the show. Boo. :(

Kristan said...

LOL is that you repeatedly saying, "oh my god, I'm dying" in the Heather Morris video??

Also, I assume you've seen this:

Anonymous said...

she´s so hot

Carmen SanDiego said...

dammit, now I have to go see this

Shula said...

I'm off to the show in Boston on the 6th of June. I can't wait :)

Ava said...

I want to go to this show so badly! *cries b/c I have no ticket & no money*

Anonymous said...

thanks for the posting,

seems like you were there,

did you? looks interesting show, though.

I was watching, yesterday,

kind of survival show alike amri's idol.

The reason I watched that, it actually

told me about my questions that I had thru.

You know sometimes you got answer from

nothing related to the issues or totally different

things. but it worth. cus I solved it.

besides my opinion about the show,

it's not in America,

somewhat, when people move to better

place cus they have better system, for example,

some people want to go France when they

do cooking cus french does well. In a big picture the

uncovered talent contribute to the craft itself.

It just good way for glory of mankind. but of course

in a huge picture, kind of meaningless struggle

and glory on the tiny earth in the universe.

Somewhat, the show itself made me think

a lot. Oh, it's almost dinner time, have a

warm dinner~

Anonymous said...

Sh*t Naya you are gonna steal this whole show. That video. Those shorts. Kid's been in this biz a long time and she's goin' places.

Anonymous said...

That Heather Morris vid made up for a really bad day, thank you!

Amanda said...

I just wish the show was all about their talent and not a cheese-fest. I can't get through one episode without rolling my eyes. At least this tour will showcase them without plot.


Anonymous said...

All I can see is Naya with a come hither look and hand motion and Heather RUNNING to her at the speed of light. I saw no Harry (Mike) did you? :)

Anonymous said...

Naya's got the shorts, but Heather definitely has the moves. What a major dance talent! They are so lucky to have her.

Anatasia B. said...

I saw the concert, and you can tell how hard those kids work. And, seeing the tiny, tiny, tiny shorts and the tiny, tiny, tiny green dress in person was SO worth it.

I gotta say, though, Naya is amazing on stage. She comes alive in a way that I hadn't expected. She transforms into a rock star. Lea is amazing, which I expected, but Naya's stage presence was a pleasant (VERY pleasant) surprise. I'm looking forward to her album because I'm hoping she'll tour a bit.