Friday, May 13, 2011

My Weekend Hot 100

I agonized over it. I worried over it. I beat myself up over it. I nearly beat other people up over it. But finally, after painstaking deliberation and not an entirely small amount of alcoholic encouragement, here they are. My Hot 100 Top 10. This not being a presidential election cycle, it’s probably the most important vote I’ll cast this year. I kid. Sort of. But, seriously, the AE Hot 100 is always a fun time of year, something done in the spirit of respect and appreciation (and, yes, a healthy dose of flat-out objectification) for these fine women’s work.

Some of my picks are perennial favorites. (Like I was ever going to leave My Fake TV Wife off the list – or Padma.) But this year also has a smattering of new and very worthy faces. I really did agonize. I mean, Angie Harmon isn’t on the list because as much as she is hot like fire, her politics get in the way of my total uninhibited wallowing in The Sexy. Amy Poehler didn’t make the list because it almost felt like cheating on Tina. Hot Cop Heather Peace isn’t on the list because there are only 10 spots and I’m only human, dammit. Achele fans know that I came so close, but I couldn’t totally Gleeify my list.

But enough apologizing. Bring on the hotties. My Top Ten.
  1. Tina Fey
  2. Naya Rivera
  3. Lena Headey
  4. Padma Lakshmi
  5. Jennifer Beals
  6. Sara Ramirez
  7. Kate Winslet
  8. Tilda Swinton
  9. Heather Morris
  10. Pippa Middleton

There you have it. There are 10 of the finest, most amazing and, of course, hot women on the planet. So, I’ve shown you mine. Now you show me yours. Happy weekend, all.


jesswantsitall said...

Nice list! You made me realize I forgot Hot Sister Pippa :-( I can't wait to see the top 10 this year, I have feeling it's gonna be very different from last year...

Chesmd said...

Goshdarnit! I forgot to add Pippa to my list. Oh well i did have Heather Peace (the list needs more hot out women!) and Lena Heady so i think i've met my Brit quota.

Anonymous said...

We have Sara and Lena in common. Major girlcrushes.

foreveranonymous7 said...

I fully, fully approve of your top ten. XD

That said, Naya Rivera (rawr) and Sara Ramirez are probably the only two that would make it onto my list. I haven't actually sat down to think about it, but I know Jillian Michaels and Pink would definitely be on there too.

The other six spots I'm not sure about. Too many fine women to choose from, like Adele, Sarah Shahi, Stana Katic, Katie McGrath, Dita Von Teese, Kirsten Vangsness, Christina Hendricks, etc.

Love your blog. <3

Anonymous said...

My Hot 100 Top 10
1>Lena Headey
2>Jennifer Beals
3>Kate Beckinsale
4>Olivia Wilde
5>Kristen Stewart
6>Kristin Scott Thomas
7>Zoe Saldana
8>Milla Jovovich
9>Sarah Shahi
10>Salli Richardson-Whitfeild

Get Set.Go said...

OLIVIA WILDE? How does she not make it to the list?!

Mia said...

Dont mind if I do:
1. catherine mcneil
2. freja beha
3. amanda seyfried
4. andrea petkovic (tennis player)
5. jennifer connelly
6. evan rachel wood
7. sandra bullock
8.elizabeth mitchell
9.frida gustavsson (model)
10. amber heard

Very honourable mentions: kate winslet, mary louise parker, michelle pfeifer (these 3 are eternal and always my favourites), angelina jolie (of course) and shay mitchell (the new girl).

sonje said...

Where's Anna Torv?! How could you leave Anna Torv off you list?!

Crystal Chappell is definitely on my list. I know you say you don't watch soaps, but season 1 of Venice would take perhaps an hour of your time AND IT WOULD BE SO WORTH IT. AE must have the DVD lying around somewhere.

Redbone210 said...

1. Sandra Bullock
2. Angelina Jolie (not current skinny Angie but former kickbutt Angie)
3. Kate Winslet
4. Sara Ramirez
5. Heather Morris (the dance video put her over the top for me - rawr)
6. Kate Beckinsale
7. Rachel Weisz
8. Anna Paquin
9. Clementine Ford
10. Wanda Sykes (what? She’s hilarious, around my age and has great cleavage!)

Achelesox said...

Nice list! I forgot Padma, damnit janet, now I'm thinking maybe I need to re-jig it. Here is my list:
1. Lea Michele
2. Dianna Agron
3. Rhona Mitra
4. Olivia Williams
5. Natasha McElhone
6. Penelope Cruz
7. Toni Collette
8. Lydnsey Fonseca
9. Sonya Walger
10. Melanie Laurent

Those Glee girls, gah, I JUST CANT.... I love their weird touche-feely jewellery sharing relationship. Every time I think oh well maybe they're just best friends they do strange things like the Met gala stuff. The matching rings are the greatest thing ever.
Honourable mentions go to Lena Headly, Julianna Moore, Sanaa Lathan, Thandie Newton, Missy Peregram, Anna Friel, Kate Walsh, Lauren Graham, Gabrielle Christiansen, Mandy Musgrave, Jessica Biel, Jessica Garner, Liv Tyler and the Deschannel sisters.
These lists are hard, even if it was top 100 I reckon I'd run out of spaces!

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't help it, my list is totally Gleeful :D
Naya Rivera
Dianna Agron (btw, did ya see her new haircut? HOT!)
Lea Michelle
Heather Morris
Angelina Jolie (will always, ALWAYS be on my list. My first love :)
Mila Kunis
Kate Walsh
Cate Blanchett
Kate Winslet
Kate Beckinsale

Anonymous said...

Oh I totally had Brittana and Pippa 'Hot Sister' Middleton too! She's become so famous in Britain since the wedding, amazing what a dress and nice ass can do :)

BrittneyJohnson said...
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Mara said...

U got Beals, Headey and Winslet there. So I forgive you for Pippa. Pls drink enough this weekend and forget her already.

idgiepug said...


This is why I love you :)

Kirsty said...

Och I forgot hot sister, and Sara Ramirez. Fail. And I agonised over the list. I'm going to get started on the 2012 list right now so I don't miss anyone off...

Carmen SanDiego said...

I didn't vote for Naya because she's going to win anyway...

Evan Rachel Wood
Rachel Maddow
Sara Ramirez
Heather Peace
Tina Fey
Jennifer Beals
Cobie Smulders
Lucy Liu
Elizabeth Mitchell
Katherine Moennig

Emily said...

I forget exactly what my list was, but I know I substituted Princess Kate for Hot Sister Pippa. I'm sorry, I love me some Pippa nowadays, but to me Kate will always be the more attractive sister. She's honestly just soooo delicious

I know my list included Olivia Wilde (obviously), Mila Kunis, Shay Mitchell, Serinda Swan, Taylor Cole, Kate Middleton, Emma Watson and Naya Rivera. Right now I can't seem to remember the last two for sure but I think it was Kathryn Prescott and Ruby Rose.

Grey-Moi said...

::gasp:: No Troian Bellisario?? or Shay Mitchell?

Grey-Moi said...

::gasp:: No Troian Bellisario?? or Shay Mitchell?

Hazel said...

My List:

Jennifer Beals
Lydnsey Fonseca
Lisa Edelstein
Troian Bellisario
Naya Rivera
Heather Morris
Dianna Agron
Anna Torv
Kate Winslet
Kate Walsh

I really wanted to put Rachel Shelley on there cuz she is just SO gorgoues!

p.s. Sorry for like spamming ur comments. woulda deleted the extras if I could.
sorry :(

HollyColleen said...

In no particular order... except for number one, who totally deserves to win hands down:

1 >> Naya Rivera
Heather Morris
Angelina Jolie
Kate Winslet
Eve Myles
Anna Paquin
Ellen Page
Portia De Rossi
KT Tunstall
Karen Gillan

Roni said...

Great list. Even though we don't have anyone in common, I whole heartedly approve. Here's mine:

Maura Tierney

Jenna Fischer

Sarah Shahi

Julianna Margulies

Missy Higgins

Christina Hendricks

Dianna Agron

Rachel Maddow

Aisha Tyler

Naomi Watts

bonsanso said...

It was tough narrowing my list down to just ten. I had to have a couple of drinks to help me be a little more discerning!

1-Monica Bellucci
2-Kristin Scott Thomas
3-Jennifer Beals
4-Archie Punjabi
5-Kate Winslet
6-Sara Ramirez
7-Helen Mirren
8-Sofia Vergara
9-Elena Anaya
10-Pippa Middleton

caleb said...

just ten? ugh. here goes:

tessa virtue
kate winslet
tina fey
taylor schilling
idina menzel
gillian anderson
jodie foster
mariska hargitay
nicole kidman
carrie-anne moss

we can make it a bakers dozen with emma thompson. with a side of julianne moore. and jennifer beals.

Anonymous said...

here's my list- mostly non Europeans...
1). Laura Sanchez
2). Ellen Page
3). Elena Anaya
4). Kylie Watson
5). Sarah Croce
6). Heather Peace
7).Lena Headey
8). Agathe de la Boulaye
9). Noomi Rapace
100 Gro Hammerseng

Anonymous said...

sorry, I meant to write mostly Non North clueless sometimes... hahahaha my list starts off with Laura Sanchez... to Gro Hammerseng.

Sasha said...

Pippa?! Seriously?! A woman upstages her sister at her own wedding by wearing a hat resembling vagina dentata that would have made Lady Gaga cringe and suddenly she's the toast of the town. *eyeroll*

Kathryn said...

@ Sasha: Beatrice, William's cousin, wore that hat rather than Pippa, who is Kate's sister and didn't wear a hat.

Anonymous said...

*Le sigh* Such a difficult list... Ok - so my top 5 was easy ;)

1. Scarlett Johansson
2. Amanda Seyfried
3. Charlize Theron
4. Naomi Watts
5. Ani Difranco
6. Aishwarya Rai
7. Portia de Rossi
8. Evan Rachel Wood
9. Shirley Manson
10. Mila Kunis

Erin said...

1. Mary McDonnell
2. Kyra Sedgwick
3. Dana Delaney
4. Sasha Alexander
5. Elizabeth Mitchell
6. Lexa Doig
7. Kate Beckinsale
8. Chely Wright
9. Amanda Seigfried
10. Anna Popplewell

Patricia said...

1) Debbie Harry (Blondie) - more now that she is at her 60s
2) Susanna Thompson
3) Kristin Scott Thomas
4) Sigourney Weaver
5) Angela Bassett
6) Vivien Leigh
7) Keira Knightley
8) Virginia Madsen
9) Michelle Yeoh
10) Catherine Deneuve

Amanda said...

I applaud your list, Ms. Snarker!!!

Here we go:
1. Erin Daniels
2. Sarah Shahi
3. Lauren Graham
4. Nicole Pacent
5. Sela Ward
6. Amber Heard
7. Naya Riviera
8. Olivia Wilde
9. Elizabeth Mitchell
10. Ariel Oppenheim

Anonymous said...

Those glee girls do not do it for me at all.
Anna Torv
Lucy Lawless
Nigella Lawson
Cate Blanchett
Kate Winslett
Lena Heady
Piper Perabo
Morena Baccarin
Milla Javonovich
can't remember!

shade said...

we have pippa and lena in common. high five!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how could I forget the incomparable Charlotte Rampling and Catherine Deneuve... Omg...steam on.... hahaha

Anonymous said...

you don't have one gay woman on your list...

TheWeyrd1 said...

I completely approve of your list, which is a good thing since I kept procrastinating to the point that I completely forgot to do mine...first miss since the AE HOT 100 started. I actually feel disappointed in myself. I probably would have chosen Jodie Foster instead of Pippa though...she's my Tina Fey...even though the thing with Mel G. is quite disturbing.

Anonymous said...

list is good - all the ladies hot in different ways - but Tilda is hot in the most different way; she is a great fantastic beautiful hot puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Sasha, you need to brush up on your brits!

And honestly even if Pippa had worn 'that' hat, noone would have noticed, comeon who would get past that arse.........

Jen said...

I couldn't make up my mind so I only did a top 5:
1. k.d. lang
2. sandra bullock
3. alex kingston
4. jennifer aniston
5. lauren graham

Can't wait for the Hot 100 results :)

Anonymous said...

can't we make this a top 20 list??/ please... I forgot Christina Cox... next time make it a longer list and how I could forget the best singer ever, kd lang!!!

Anonymous said...

the reason you're fan of fifa cus of

she's not marry with frince?

why you demand always something side way?

i like fifa, no offense.

Mariela Méndez Prado said...
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skrailly said...

As did yours, my opinions of them as people affected my ratings. Order very much does matter.
Jennifer beals
Julianne moore
Gillian anderson
Juliette binoche
Rachel maddow
Kerry washington
Sara quin
Sara ramirez
Claire danes

Anonymous said...

Aww,it looks like one of my favorites is gonna get bumped from the list this year!

Naya Rivera
Kristen Stewart
Archie Panjabi
Morena Baccarin
Gina Torres
Jennifer Lawrence
Sandra Oh
Evan Rachel Wood
Heather Morris
Jennifer Beals

Isabel Eggerley said...

Cate Blanchett
Kate Walsh
Neve Campbell (fell for her all over again in Scream 4)
Dianna Agron
Lea Michele
Catherine Denueve
Emmanuelle Béart
Naomi Watts
Pippa Middleton
Marja Ivarsson

Louise said...

1. Kate Winslet
2. Naya Rivera
3. Heather Morris
4. Jordana Brewster
5. AJ Cook
6. Angie Harmon (Not happy with her politics, but she still rocks my world on R&I)
7. Shay Mitchell
8. Charlize Theron
9. Rachel Maddow
10. Meryl Streep

Solo said...

The 24-year-old Glee star ,Naya Rivera hosted the event, which honored the media for their fair representations of the LGBT community.
Im in looove with her :))

Anonymous said...

ds, i can't find the login on tblmr,

cus i like to see you sometimes like this

sunday maybe? i won't do tblmr, just thought.

nice weekend, i want to say more, though.

love you~

;) babs said...

ms. snarker, you forgot:
Anna Torv,
Elizabeth Mitchell,
and Eve Best!

Ammie said...

1. Tina Fey
2. Naya Rivera
3. Dianna Agron
4. Shay Mitchell
5. Ellen Paige
6. Kate Winslet
7. Mila Kunis
8. Kathryn Prescott
9. I forgot
10. I forgot

Too many hot women to choose from. I eventually give up and try to narrow it down.nI finally just type in the last few names because it nearly imporssible to choose just 10.

Girl Disappearing said...

My slightly open for controversy top 10 ...

1.Angelina Jolie
2.Paget Brewster
3.Lindsay Lohan
4.Chelsea Handler
6.Penelope Cruz
7.Sophia Vegara
8.Gwyneth Paltrow
9.Elizabeth Mitchell
10.Kaya Scodelario

Boom Boom Pow :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa Ray. (Snarker - this woman needs a label or tag permanantly.)