Monday, May 09, 2011

Naked Lady Monday: Black & White Edition

Admit it, things seem classier in black and white. So what might look like just a naked lady in color will look like an artistic naked lady in black and white. Such is the power of the monochrome. So then we feel a little better about ogling because, you know, the art and culture and stuff. Just look at Kristin Scott Thomas pulling her best Joan of Arc. That’s not just classy nakedness, it’s historical. Black and white can turn “nekkid” back to “naked.” Wait, is that a good thing? Regardless, a little black and white is exactly what is in order this Monday, to help turn make might otherwise be NSFW into a refined collection of semi-nude portraiture. Or, at least, that’s what you can tell your boss.

Deborah Ann WollI just finished watching season 3 of “True Blood” and Jessica was criminally, criminally underused. Criminally so.

Amber HeardHot. Gay. Hot some more.

Charlotte GainsbourgNo one wears scarves better than French women.

Penelope CruzThe curve of a woman’s back is one of the ways we know we live in a benevolent universe.

Olivia WildeThe round of a woman’s bum is another.

Charlotte RamplingLet’s make it a rule that all women named “Charlotte” need to get naked today.

Rosario DawsonRosario isn’t nude. But she’s not wearing pants either. Totally counts.

Heather Morris
Yeah, so no wonder Santana is doing everything she can do to win Brittany back.

EDIT: Whoops, that should be Naked Lady Monday not Naked Lady Woman. Though there ain’t nothing wrong with a naked lady woman. Nothing at all.


Lee Harlem Robinson said...

Oh Dorothy, I have loved you for a long time but because of that Kristin Scott Thomas picture I will love you forever.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Kristin Scott Thomas. I've loved her so long. Especially since Horse Whisperer!

Kristan said...

Lol what IS Olivia Wilde doing in that photo??

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to start off a Monday... thanks Dorothy.

I especially enjoy the Charlotte Rampling photo.

My Glee filled heart has to add that I completely agree with you on the Heather Morris picture as well...

Oh, who am I kidding, they are ALL swoon worthy pics.

lcn said...

re: Charlotte Rampling.

Oh my god, yes.

Thank you DS. Best Monday set ever.

Ace said...

Stressful morning at home...crappy commute....suddenly my morning has gotten better. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The curve of a woman's back.... The round of a woman's bum.... Amen to that.

Also, my name is Charlotte AND I just happened to be nude when I read this! It's like you knew.

Thank you for always brightening my day.

MakingSpace said...

I didn't need to look any farther than Kirsten Scott Thomas. Something about that woman...

alex dumas said...

Kristin has no boobs. And what is going on in that Olivia picture?

Rizz Rustbolt said...

Win Brittany's back?

Zed said...

Oh, my word. I so agree with Lee.

skrailly said...

I also <3 kristin scott thomas, but I was especially grateful for the inclusion of charlotte gainsbourg. Charlotte, in Science of Sleep, may be one of my top 5 movie crushes. Though, both of them have sexy, sexy jaw structure.

snott said...

This is why I shoot black & white film - nothing is as beautiful as a naked woman in black and white.

Anonymous said...

The inclusion of Amber Heard was nice, there's just not enough of her on this blog. :D

Alexandra F-J said...

Day. Is. Officially. Made.

Thank you!

Patricia said...

KST... who needs boobs with such hands, tummy and face? I can live with little ;)

Anonymous said...

i thought the reason people shoot

b&w photo, cus of it's not black and white.

you know it seems very something

deep? something, it's not black. it's very dark

though. so i guess cus it looks kind of

mysterious maybe. it's not cheap and

light feeling. it's something else.

by the way, endless naked women collection,

good thing, maybe, even i saw in person

who less clothed won't affect me anything.

i'm over over over exposed.


Anonymous said...

Naked Lady Woman instead of Naked Lady Monday, huh?

Carrie said...

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Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the first chicks chest?

DEM said...

The Charlotte Rampling LIT'rally took my breath away. Thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

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Kiran Nayak said...

I love Kristin Scott Thomas!
N I want to see that movie or whatever this pic is from.
Please tell me the name of it.

Kiran :-)