Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Swan Queen

Right, so I should probably tell you who won the “Black Swan” Blu-ray. Contests are always fun until I have to do the actual work of contest administering. But enough with the suspense; I promised prizes. And the winner, thanks to my friend the random number generator thingie, is … drum roll … Amanda aka jazzytrumpet[at]gmail.com. Honest to blog, the random thingie doesn’t lie. Please email me to collect your winnings, Amanda.

For everyone else, thank you for entering and thank you even more for your ridiculously kind words about my blogiversary. I should make you guys tell me how long you’ve been hanging around here more often. Makes it feel like old-home week or something. Actually, that so many of you have been around for so long makes me feel almost bashful. Like, you know so much about me yet I know so little about you. What’s your favorite color? How do you take your coffee? Who was the first pershttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifon to call you beautiful who wasn’t a family member? I’ll start. Blue, but it used to be red. Black, with one sugar. Pam, but that’s another story for another day.

While we’re in a sharing mood, I’ve been wondering if there’s anything more you’d like from me. Yes, I know – a picture. But that’s just not going to happen until certain pre-determined conditions occur. (Your move, Jodie.) Plus, you’ve already seen plenty of my thumb. And that’s probably my fifth best feature anyway. But I mean more like topics, interactions, community atmosphere. I’ve long had an insanely strict policy about not replying in comments. This is partially due to my lack of time, but also because I believe it’s your space and not mine. I get the whole top of the post to pontificate. But if you feel that’s something you’d really, really like to see, I’ll consider it.

I’ve noticed that while traffic has about remained the same there’s been a slow down on comments the last couple of weeks, which happens. I’ve been doing this for long enough to see the ebbs and flows. Or perhaps you’ve all got finals right now or – you know – full and complete lives outside of the internet. But I’m always open to suggestion to make things more interactive. The not-so-secret secret about us online writer types is that comments are to bloggers as applause is to Tinkerbell. Fine, we don’t need them to live exactly. But they sure help us feel like we exist.

Oh, and speaking of existential crises, just in case you’re still feeling blue about not having won the “Black Swan” Blu-ray, you can still enjoy some of the mindfuckery here. I share because I care. There, now doesn’t everyone feel like a winner?


lorinb79 said...

I believe in bloggers! I believe in bloggers. *clap clap*

phairhead said...

Yr a star! And I'm only a little miffed that missed out on t the Black Swan goodness

beebee said...

sweet snarker! first off: totally love you. Applause!

I've noticed that when a blogger asks the readers of said blog questions like "what do you think" or "alright you opinionated lezzies, let's hear some of what you have to say about that" you'll get more comments. Make it sound like you are talking to US your readers whom you know and love, as opposed to letting us read your lovely dirty thoughts.

Maybe a comment or two from you would help. Make it feel like a blog community.

I confess that I am selfish and often read, enjoy fully, and not comment. I'll try and be more generous.

Blog-on sister!

Carmen SanDiego said...

sometimes one doesn't comment because there's nothing to add. you've said it all...

thequeenofsin said...

Well I've only just learnt that I can comment here.. how cool!? Um favourite colour (yes... colour has a U in it because I'm British)is Purple, I take coffee at least 3 times a day however I can get it and as for the other question I don't think anyone has. And in regards to what I'd like from you? I've always loved how you included classic ladies but I'm on a bit of a Grace Kelly kick right now... ;P

Jen said...

love you 'pre-determined conditions' on revealing a picture of yourself!
It's more fun learning about you through your writing!
Happy Blogiversary and thank you for sharing your thoughts, my life has definitely been enhanced since discovering your blog!
Greetings from London :)

LilliGirl said...

Happy Blogiversary...Come on! Put up a pic. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't put up a pic!! I like the air of mystery. Plus, if you ever won an award where you had to show up in the flesh... it would make it so much more interesting and banksy-esque.

Whenever you need some blog love, just ask. Don't ever stop blogging. We're all here, in our own little spot on the globe, chuckling, getting angry or swooning with you. Then I generally sigh, feeling glad there is at least one sane person on the planet, and continue my day with the mad people. So I too have been a little selfish and not giving back. Note to self - must do better.
And, thank you

I_am_Anners said...

So I've enjoyed your blog for quite a while now. Of course, everyone would love to see a picture of you because, well, we sort of feel as though we know you, which I have to say, makes me feel odd. I feel odd knowing so much about you but not actually knowing you. It has a touch of the creeper about it, but such is the world of the internet. The truth is though, I only know as much as you want to share, for all I know, you may have horrible table manners (I'm going to guess that you're fine in that area, but that's just it, I don't know). Blogs are, some more than others, like looking at someone's diary, but when I first stumbled upon yours I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was just a very sad hand-typed book. Anyway, this is just a ramble, but I like my coffee very strong with a splash of skim milk. My favorite color is blue. The first girl to tell me I was beautiful was named Angela. We were in 5th grade. My dad overheard heard her and later he said to me "She's right, you know. You are beautiful."

Miss_Sidekick said...

First, I love you're blog. I read it every day. Please don't stop.

Second, me: Color: blue. Coffee: black. First person: Heather.

Third, how about a making a game of dropping some info about you? Maybe a MadLibs approach whereby you provide some clues and we fill in the rest.

Also, cute thumb, but since the digits are so important to our community, how about a pix of your other nine, sexy?

Sonja said...

I don't think this blog is lacking anything. It does what it does quite well. Personally, I come here because I like the lighter fare, and I'm ever so slightly disappointed when I see you decided to write about a serious topic, but I totally respect your desire to use this great platform you have created to speak your mind about issues that you feel need to be spoken about. Besides which, you don't do it often. :)

I think it is awesome that you post something new M-F.

One of the reasons I love you - er, I mean, your blog is because I'd stopped watching Fringe in at the end of season 1, but all of your pictures of Anna Torv (as well as you pointing out her role on MISTRESSES - yummy!) made me go back and catch up on it, AND I LOVE THAT SHOW NOW. For more than just Anna Torv, but she is fab.

I don't feel a need for you to reply in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I told you that thumb ring is gay.

Ami said...

You might get more comments by asking questions of us, but the voyeur in me prefers the opportunity to read your "lovely dirty thoughts" as beebee so eloquently put it.

Vale said...

Let's see...favorite colors: orange and purple, but when I go clothes shopping (VERY RARELY) I always gravitate towards green. Coffee...mocha or latte on this side of the pond, plain espresso or marocchino (teeny-tiny version of a mocha) when in Italy...with however much sugar/sweetener i need to make it pretty much undrinkable to anyone else. First person to tell me I'm beautiful...honestly, I don't remember. Although my mom always says that when I was little, people would stop her on the street just to tell her how amazingly beautiful I was. Does that count? LOL

As for improvements...hmm. I'm not sure. If I think of something I'll shoot you an email :)


Justyne said...
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Amanda said...
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TheWeyrd1 said...

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap... And now I follow you on Tumblr...heh

Amanda said...

Oh wow! Thanks Snarker! *high-fiving a million angels* I'm going to screen the movie during finals week so me and my music major friends know how NOT to be perfect for our performance juries...


TaylorBoi said...

Yes, it is Finals Week.
My favorite color is the very specific shade of blue that is Crayola's Cerulean.

I take my coffee either as a latte with a shot of Irish Cream flavor or two sugars and two creamers depending on where I'm getting said coffee.

I don't remember who was the first person to call me beautiful who wasn't a family member. It isn't as much of a big deal to me as the first person to call me handsome and I'm still waiting on that one.

Solo said...

didnt know where to share this so i do it here lol
http://justjared.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/2540969/lindsay-lohan-blank-may-2011-04/ ---- do drugs do this to you?? looking hot hot and hoooooot :)) she reminds me so much bridget bardot....

Civa said...

Granted, I don't comment. It's a habit. I will try to comment here more often though! Your blog is just pure winsauce. You make my day :]

*and you update early! so us Irish/UK peeps don't have to wait till the afternoon to catch up :P*

Also suddenly very interested in Jodie Foster's closet status. <3

Anonymous said...

I read your blog because it is well written. Dorothy Parker would be proud. Comments seem superfluous. As to a photo, the blog is great because of the writing. Posting a photo makes it about the writer. I prefer the focus on writing.

madmags said...

Dear One,
I feel like a prodigal daughter, tho I would be more apt to be your mother's age....but I digress. I have not been around so much and not commented for an age....but you are still my number one blogger in the universe....always smart and amusing....and loved.

Erica said...

Green (used to be yellow)
2 sugars, milk

I can't think of anything more than being called kittens and having your daily snark to brighten my days.

Anonymous said...

Watching this for the first time. It was awesome, then it got awesome, then it got more awesome.

Coolfyah said...

I too read daily, and am so grateful that you're so dedicated that you post, tweet and tumble everyday.

I vote for no responses to comments since the folks you don't get a chance to respond to may feel slighted and even if you did respond to everyone you would never sleep and folks would spend all day checking back to see when you to respond. This would distract them from work and other pursuits, which would lead to decreased productivity which would jeopardizing our already fragile economy.


I too will make an effort to comment more regularly. Right now, I don't, because most days all I can manage is a huge grin and an indescribable feeling of...well I just said it was indescribable didn't I? Also, you're so eloquent, witty and linguistically gifted that it feels inappropriate to sully this space with my jabber.

Do you think that it's because people are tumbling and tweeting with you that they may feel less need to comment here? It seems that more and more online feedback is moving in that direction. Retweets and notes on Tumblr seem to be the latest, greatest forms of applause.

Fav color: all shades of blue
Coffee: I quit in early April, before that it was 1 cream 3 sugars.
Can't recall...what a shame. I'm still always pleasantly surprised me when it happens though.

Bent Fabric said...

I'm an energy conservationist. Translation: I'm lazy. Commenting feels like work. There's the signing in. That's work. The word verifying. More work. Oh, then there's the putting thoughts into words. Egads! That is my incredibly lame reason for not commenting. :) Also, I tend to agree with you a lot and you say things far more eloquently than I ever could so I feel ridiculous saying how much I agree with you. Hope that makes sense. But I'll try to participate more. After all, why should you do all the work?

To answer your questions:
1. Charcoal or blue (can't decide).
2. I don't drink coffee.
3. Some random dude on the street who was built like a tree trunk. Eeks!

Anyhoo, I echo all the applause you've been getting. Richly deserved. You're creative, fun, funny and insightful.

Good thing I'm going to bed after this because I'm spent from all this work. ;)

Patricia said...

well, I no bluray equipment this time (but it was fun)! I connect mostly weekends, due to hectic work (and some restrictions there). I do:

a) love "gold", as in sunsets and sunrises

b) became addicted to coffee later in life and now is black with more sugar, or with milk with little sugar, but not too much coffee anyway

c) recall the first person who said it and it mattered (although she was straight-straight): Rossana (and I was 15...)