Friday, December 10, 2010

My Weekend Crush

Harvey Milk was right: You’ve gotta give ’em hope. Now, hope for shippers is an ephemeral thing. Here today, dashed tomorrow. Brittana fans have seen their hopes recently beaten nonsensically the big crazy rock that is Bartie (Barfie, more accurately). Wait, what? This Brittany and Artie thing is actually happening? I don’t. I can’t. Wait, what? Stop eating glitter, Ryan Murphy, and start making sense. But then Santana herself comes down from on high and gifts us with this.

Now, say what you will about the character of Santana (she is mean, she is promiscuous, she is calculating – and those are just the reasons I love her), but Naya Rivera has proven in her interviews and fan interactions to be a sweet, thoughtful and prodigiously talented young woman. She has encouraged and supported the LGBT fans who have showered love on the Brittana pairing. She has made no attempts to distance herself from the sexual fluidity of her character or her close off-screen friendship with co-star Heather Morris. She has even said that Brittany is really Santana’s soulmate, which seems to be apparent to everyone except the “Glee” writers themselves. Also, wow, is she ever easy on the eyes.

Granted, hoping two fictional characters on a television show where characters randomly break into choreographed song and hoping for full equality for all LGBT people may not seem on the surface like comparable dreams. But sometimes something small can matter in ways we can’t even quite understand ourselves. So thank you, Naya, for giving us hope. Thank you for making a million little lesbian hearts flutter with anticipation of your every cocked eyebrow, withering glare and intertwined pinkies. Thank you for your grace and your voice. We will keep dreaming about The Beckoning Finger and keep our fingers crossed for the rightful return of our favorite Queerios. Happy weekend, all.


Fiona said...


Happy Friday.

Anonymous said...

She is amazing. That tweet made up for the last few episodes that included the growing abomination that is Bartie.

Get Set.Go said...

I am completely smittened by brittana

Anonymous said...

For us ladies that love the ladies WE WANT OUR BRITTANA!

It's just wrong to tease us with the Brittana love ('Duets') and then to continue the show as if that moment never happened.

I realize that continuity on this show is a joke - one week two characters hate each other then the next week they don't... but come on when there is clearly such palpable chemistry between both Naya and Heather as well as Santana and Brittany-give the viewers what they want... and we want Brittana!

Steph Mineart said...

While I love Brittana - The oh-so hysterical "Forever Begins with the Ocean's Tides" fan fic where Captain Quinn Fabray of the pirate ship "The Cheerio" plunders the navy vessel "The Glee" and carries off Rachel Berry as part of the loot has made me into a devoted Faberry. :-) It's on - search for that. Goofiest thing I've read all year.

too old said...

I'm probably a little in love with Naya Rivera, but even that is just too much for someone my age. So unfair. WHERE WAS SHE WHEN I WAS 17???

Anonymous said...

She's such a sweetheart.And awesomely talented. I just hope she'd get a real storyline. And a record deal.

Anonymous said...

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