Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tank Top Tuesday

Wow, almost another whole year is in the history books. As with every end of the year, I tend to get a little retrospective. But instead of just reflecting on the historic and personal milestones for the year, I like to think about what really matters – tank tops. Or, more specifically, the women I failed to feature throughout the year in tank tops. I only have a few days left to right this terrible wrong. But, you know what they say, better late than never having Naomi Watts waiting for you in a tank top, fedora and wingtips on the kitchen counter.

Freida PintoShe has been MIA since “Slumdog Millionaire,” but we’ll see that beautiful face back on screen where it belongs next year.

Margaret ChoGetting bounced off “Dancing with the Stars” early was actually a good thing. The less you’re around a Palin, the better for your mental health.

Maggie SiffI’m not into biker gangs, but suddenly I can see the appeal.

Molly RingwaldI think I speak for all children of the 80s when I say, damn girl.

Catherine BellOn second thought, I think I like her out of uniform better.

Olivia WilliamsOh, “Dollhouse,” if only you’d been given a chance.

Rashida JonesI know, I know – I can’t shut up about how happy I am “Parks & Recreation” is coming back.

Natalie PortmanI know, I know – I also can’t shut up about how great “Black Swan” is.

Jessica AlbaThis picture is so hot I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in 32 states.

Whew, now on to 2011.


Beebee said...

Love that shot of natalie! Tank top with humor and sex appeal is hard to do. a new favorite photo.

thanks for a year of giving, snarker!

DJ Shiva. said...

Olivia Williams in a tank. *le sigh*

Ditto your thought on Dollhouse.

Anonymous said...

Natalie, OMFG, I think I just swallowed my tongue.

My Canon’s Requiem said...

Wow! D, you're like one of the guys but much better. I love this blog. And Molly R. - for reals?! I was in love with her back when and still today. Great work, Dorothy! And Happy New Years!