Friday, October 01, 2010

Vacation Vixen: Sasha Alexander

Hot, fresh, steaming Rizzoli & Isles Retro Subtext Recaps start up next week at AfterEllen. Until then, just imagine how quickly Jane could get that last button undone.


Anonymous said...

I totally love Sasha Alexander, way more than Angie Harmon.

kengsingian said...

i think both sasha and angie are hot, gorgeous women. no competition though =)

looking forward for next week's retro subtext recaps. thanks ms.snarker

Amanda said...

I don't know if you've seen it, but Sasha Alexander had a kissing scene with Sarah Silverman in the show Greg the Bunny. Just more reason to love her:

Anonymous said...


And somebody with more patience than me, photoshopped Angie Harmon over Sara Silverman. It's actually pretty good too.


Lara said...

Gorgeous, underrated.

Anonymous said...

well, good morning! my day just got so much better.

Anonymous said...

Best thing i've gotten out of Rizzoli & Isles is discovering Sasha Alexander. She is gorgeous; her smile, her laughter, those beautiful eyes and that hair...Where has she been all my life?? Love her..

Oh and I can't wait for the Retro Subtext Recap!!!

Anonymous said...

what a babe!

Anonymous said...

That is one the sexiest photos I've ever seen. And I love SA's voice. <3

Anonymous said...

Love the picture, though every time I've looked at it (yeah, it's been waaaaaaay more than once :)) I totally see Kathryn Bigelow first, then have to look for the inner Sasha...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I knew nothing of her until Rizzoli & Isles. What a pleasure.

sue said...

forget how quickly jane could get that last button undone..i'm imagining how quickly I could get that last button undone!

nice pic. great way to end the week!

Norma Desmond said...

How did you know I'm rewatching this show right now? Probably because we all are...

I have to admit, I hadn't heard of her until R&I. Now, though? It's love.

Panty Buns said...

Sasha Alexander is gorgeous, and Thanks Amanda! i love that kissing scene with Sarah Silverman in the YouTube video titled: 'Sasha Alexander in "Greg the Bunny"' !

Anonymous said...

I saw the ad about Rizzoli & Isles,
but don't have chance to see the drama? yet.
If I have, then I will try. they looked very cool
on the ad that I saw, anyway.

have a nice day ds!

ps : I still don't understand the term, though.
I understand isles, i have a book about,
ingeneral. guess that Rizzoli maybe opposite term?but dictionary doesn't have Rizzoli,
which looks like cook industry, like pasta...

somewhat, thanks for today's posting,
so now I'm happily go to to work.

Niki said...

Sue-you said it. Screw Jane (hmmmmmm), and screw buttons, rip that shirt open!!

Shannon said...

I love Sasha Alexander and have since her days on 'Dawson's Creek' and 'NCIS'. Her 'departure' from 'NCIS' is the one single moment on TV that I'm still in shock over to this day.

I love Rizzoli & Isles 'Rizzles' and am definitely looking forward to the new season.

Thanks for the great 'vacation vixen' picture.

Anonymous said...

Now I miss R&I even more. Team Isles here.

Sasha Alexander was the reason I watched NCIS (and immediately stopped) so when they announced she was doing R&I I had a field day. Sometimes when bad things happen it is because something way more awesome is going to come down the line.

Of course everyone else I knew was like "Who what huh?"

Anonymous said...

Sasha is absolutely stunning. I didn't know of her until R&I and I'm now catching up on all of her past work. I absolutely love her. And this picture! Goddamn.

And ok that photoshop gif linked above is pretty amazing. How the heck did they do that??

Anonymous said...

That is all.

sugababe said...

the looks, the voice... I need a cold shower now.

Anonymous said...

i found audiobook!
really funny to hear, I'm dying,(not physically)

have you ever try that?
I don't think I will buy again(no money)
but i was just so curious, you know like, did you have any tape when you was a child? generally people have, I think.

like duck sound. piggy, and horse and a person
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what if the author describe something you might
not like to read out loud?

people sell voice, and that's very entertaining,
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every medium has something own potential
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nice week!

Anonymous said...

I watched Rizzoli & Isles!
It's pretty fun!

so, it's their name, that's why dictionary
doesn't have the meaning.
I like them, I couldn't tear my self off from
my monitor until I watch the episode all.

thanks! good to know!

Anonymous said...

thanks to you i am now a rizzoli & isles worshipper.. totally addicted, even with the fanfics. we do not get the tv show here in my pitiful island but thanks to the wonder of the world wide web, i have all ten episodes and season is next year??really? i contend with the deleted scenes on twitter...

EmeraldFirefly said...

uh.. -thud- I really can't think of anything other than that.. <3 Sasha Alexander.

Norma Desmond said...

Saw the Bed Head ad this came from today... Excellent cropping, Ms. Snarker. I definitely approve.

Anonymous said...

I love Sasha Alexander

The photo: SO HOT