Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweet lady kisses

Sometimes I’m amazed a show like “Glee” makes it on to network TV at all. It’s not that we don’t deserve to see the subject matter (and jazz hands) that “Glee” broadcasts. It’s not that the subject matter is even terribly progressive (watch some British TV, it’ll remind you why the Puritans left in the first place). But it’s just that this is America, and we don’t like it when our teenagers are gay on TV. And we don’t really like it when our gay teenagers on TV have sex. And we really, really don’t like it when gay teenagers on TV talk about their sex as “scissoring” – partially because they then have to run to Urban Dictionary and look up scissoring.

Also, I have just two words to say on the whole Brittana situation: CAN. ON. Canon, baby. On screen, no ambiguity, totally scissoring, endless sweet lady kisses canon. I know it wasn’t much (but, come on, it was the only kissing in the episode), but it was total cake for people who have been scarfing up every single Brittana crumb since the beginning. Speaking of the beginning, who wants to reminisce?

Sex is not dating. Scissoring is not dating. Sweet lady kissing is not dating. Only wanting to make lady babies and singing “Come to my Window” is, apparently, dating. Or is that being in love? Oh, Santana. Denial is a long and winding river through your heart.

Speaking of denial, it has become impossible to deny that Brittany is not just experimenting. She isn’t just in a phase. She isn’t just promiscuous. Brittany is gay. She might be bi, she might be lesbian – but she is definitely not straight. Wanting to touch Coach Beiste’s boobs. Calling Brittany Spears hot. Telling Santana she is still mad at her, but she is still so hot. GAY. So gay. So, so, so gay. Also gay, that no-boobies-for-you gesture she gave Santana.

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For all its flights of incredible (Where’d all these matching outfits come from when we have no budget?), unapologetic (Who needs plot when you have dancing?), irrational (Seriously, do these kids have any other classes?) fancy, what “Glee” has consistently gotten right is the gay thing. Kurt’s struggle, both the come out to his father and be the only out gay kid in the school, mirrors the experience of so many other gay teens. His triumph, week after week, is a promise to everyone watching that it really, really does get better.

Similarly, Brittany and Santana’s relationship (because that’s what it is even if you don’t want to admit it – cough, Santana, cough) also mirrors the relationship so many young women have with each other. You fall in love with your best friend. You fool around. You hope your best friend falls in love with you. You don’t label it. You do deny it. You go out with boys to cover it. You make each other jealous. You practice the Lady and the Tramp meatball nose roll on your own. Fingers crossed that Ryan Murphy The Universe allows those two crazy kids to end up together. They so are this show’s best OTP.

“Glee” can be ridiculous and nonsensical and totally lacking all semblance of a narrative storyline, but it is also super, fabulously, scissorifically gay. And for that I will always be thankful.


MormonLesbian said...

I'm glad Ryan Murphy had to the balls to do this when for so long he said it wouldn't happen.
Yay Brittana!

Fiona said...



I wish I could have hooked up with either of them in school

Norma Desmond said...

You know, I've become slightly disenchanted with Glee the longer it's been on. Sacrilegious as it sounds, jazz hands and bursting into song will only take you so far, not to mention the characters are fairly flat. HOWEVER, what has redeemed the show a great deal in my eyes has been, yes, the gay issue. Because they do do it SO well.

Also, my heart bled for Brittany when Santana went into her denial dance. That poor girl. I think a lot of us know far too well what that moment feels like.

Amanda said...

Still not really into the show, but I will never bad-talk Glee. The writers' depiction of these gay/bi-curious teenagers is seemingly more accurate and realistic than the L Word was to lesbianism. Take that as you will.


Anonymous said...

Sad Brittany made me sad.

Anonymous said...

I was sooo happy and totally shocked that they went that far with Brittana!! It was so sweet, until Santana ruined it. And I like that they actually gave Brittany some character development (with Artie) this week and she isn't just a one-line show.
Santana needs to suck it up and realize she likes the ladies too!

But can I say how much I dislike the way Rachel moves her body and lips when she sings!! I can't even watch. It is so annoying!

Anonymous said...

Agreed - all of it - esp. glad they're not making it easy for Kurt, because it's not and it would be a huge disservice . . . even for a show that is so incredibly inconsistent and unrealistic.

just have to add that my favorite duet was Santana and Mercedes. Great girl power energy.

americaRuiz said...

This was the scene stealer for me hands down. I wasn't expecting anything like this. It wasn't because it screamed SEX SEX SEX at me. It was because it took me back to being seventeen and making out with my first girlfriend in my room.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I stayed faithful to Glee. Honestly, Rachel was really starting to annoy the crap out of me, but I continued to watch every week for Brittany (and Brittana) so it has all been worth it. I love that Brittany and Santana are getting more content on the show, both together and separately. All the numbers and characters were great in Duets. The screen time was divided well between characters. I just hope they remember to come back to the Brittana storyline because they never gave us a resolution at the end of the episode. (I would also like to point out that Rachel had 3 duets. She overdoes it again...)

Kapellmeister said...

Thanks a lot for your post. I'm not necessarily a big fan of "Glee" (liked the beginning of the first season a lot, but the rest, not so much), that I mostly watch for Jane Lynch, but I did enjoy your post.

Btw, I've got something for your next "women in suit" edition :

Young mezzo Kate Lindsey a Niklausse, a trousers role, in a very beautiful production of "Les Contes d'Hoffmann" by the Met. I think she's gorgeous, don't you agree? Too bad the video is not of great quality.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dorothy, as from now on, I'll be using the term "scissorifically" at every single scissorifical chance I get!

Rachel said...

On topic comment - Brittany made me want to cry. HeMo's sadface is brilliant.

Off-topic comment - I agree with the comment about mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey. I saw her Niklausse in Santa Fe this past summer (and her Nancy in Albert Herring), and she was wonderful. A very engaging artist. And she's hot. And very nice, too.

Kathryn said...

Watching that last snippet of Brittany in the hall over and over made my eyes hurt. And was totally worthwhile.

vrgriffith said...

Sigh..I was in love with my best friend in hs-->all girls school-->Notre Dame Academy, Katie Holmes attended here 20 yrs later.

Listening to Journey records,going to bars while underage, and making out with each other, when not with our respective boyfriends.

Nice post.Great memories!

AGleeFan said...

So sexy, so sweet so sad... so many emotions during this episode. I really felt bad for Brittany, rolling the meatball across the plate with no one to share it with and standing in the hallway all alone after being dumped by Artie. And of course Santana pushing her away, when we all know that what Santana really wants is to 'get her mack on' with Brittany.

Here's hoping for more Brittana!

Anonymous said...

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ysubassoon said...

I can't stop watching that scene. I rewind and watch it over and over, almost mindlessly clicking "play", even though with every view, my heart breaks with Brittany's. Because even with the heartbreak, the sweet lady kisses were still worth it, the time Santana dedicated to her was still worth it...That scene had all of the bitter and sweet that make up real love, and I know that Brittany was rewinding and replaying that scene during the remainder of the episode as many times as I did. Because when you are in love, you learn to live with the tastes of bitter and sweet and hope that sweet edges out a victory.

Bokhandelsbiträdet said...

"scissorifically gay" - Nicely put! ;)

Anonymous said...

it was not shown here in the philippines that " kiss" scene.

Me said...

Of course I agree with this, I love Glee and I love Brittana. That said, I did have a few issues with this episode. Firstly - the whole Kurt thing. Kurt's hurt and loneliness was done SO well, and I appreciate that they told both sides of the story... Nonetheless, Kurt never touched Finn! Ok, he made it obvious he had a crush on him. So? That is *not* pressuring someone, nor is it being aggressive in their pursuit.

I felt like the moral of the story was "Kurt did something wrong because he was sad and lonely, but luckily he made up for it by choosing not to force his gayness on Sam after all!" I think that's a horrible message to send, as Kurt never actually did anything wrong.

Likewise, with Brittany and Artie - Artie was absolutely thrilled at the thought that he was going to lose his virginity. Brittany at no point made him think that they were having sex due to deep emotional bonds, or because they were in love, and yet she's made out to be the bad guy for taking something important and special away from Artie? Dude, learn the word "no"!

I felt for Brittany a lot more in the same situation! She had reason to believe that Santana actually liked her, what with the fact that they're, like... Best friends and all.

Also, Quinn... I was cheering like mad when she said that the year was all about her. It was such a sensible response - of the kind that isn't generally shown in the whole "love solves all" pop culture... And then in the end, she decided that she did need a guy after all?

I felt like this episode tried really hard and just failed. It picked on all my favourites, and propagated some disturbing messages, while purporting to promote the opposite.