Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sight gag

Life needs a blooper reel. Like, say, you’re going about your day and trip on an imaginary rock while walking into the office. Blooper reel! Or you’re grabbing a latte and spill the entire thing on your white blouse while the cute barista you’ve been trying to chat up for a month watches. Blooper reel! Or you walk into your boss’ office hoping to ask for a raise and accidentally call him by your secret nickname for him: Mr. Nutter Butter. That is going to kill in the blooper reel! Sadly, life does not have a blooper reel, but TV blessedly does.

In honor of tonight’s two – yes, TWO – live “30 Rock” broadcasts (East and West coast shows), here are a few very choice bloopers reels. I don’t wish flubbed lines on anyone, but if they must be flubbed let them be this funny.

30 Rock

So many sparrows, and by sparrows I mean flubbed lines.

Grey’s Anatomy

Snorting is always, always funny.


Was I supposed to laugh at Yvonne StraHOTski dancing? Because mostly there was just drool.


Pacey is hilarious. What? I don’t watch Fringe enough to remember his new name.

Smell Like a Muppet

Not a blooper, just adorable.

Hell, I think I’m just going to yell “Blooper reel!” next time I screw up royally. Couldn’t hurt, right?


vrgriffith said...

LOL.Very funny compilations- between you and Heather H.-- where do you girls find these things?!

Hope you're having a great day!

perfectflaw75 said...

Thanks for sharing that - you can never laugh too much :)

Rizz Rustbolt said...

And oddly enough, no bloopers on the live show. Well, at least on the east coast broadcast.

Anonymous said...

no live show.


my favo! is grey's anatomy among the
post cus I don't know other shows,
maybe I saw, just don't remember,

like there is kind of show that I don't get or
feel that much fun anyway,
but, grey's anatomy is one of understandable
and kind of like to see the episode.
generally I like the actors in the shows except the man, I don't remember his name but he has grandpa
voice. doesn't look like that old. I like two couples in
the show anyway.

I don't have something to show you today,
but don't feel bad, it happened!!!

Norma Desmond said...

That was EXACTLY what I needed after a very, very long Thursday.