Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tank Top Tuesday

Sometimes, when putting together Tank Top Tuesday posts, I struggle to find a theme. Sporty shots. Black and white shots. Candid shots. Fancy shots. Shoddy shots. But then sometimes I look at my pictures and realize, honey, you’re really over thinking it. Hotties + Tank Tops = No Additional Explanation Required. In other words, as you can see from Salma Hayek above, I picked these pictures today because they’re hot. You’re welcome. Now go have a nice Tuesday.

Tricia HelferShe is going to guest star on “Lie to Me.” Jesus, Tim Roth. First Jennifer Beals now Tricia? Lucky bastard.

Diane LaneI thought about seeing “Secretariat,” but (spoiler alert) I already know the horse wins. So, um, where’s the suspense in that?

Liv TylerI know a lot of people look at her and see an elf queen, but I’ll always see that gal who cavorted with Alicia Silverstone.

Kate HudsonProof that every gal looks great with suspenders and a belt chain. Even gals who only really ever made one good movie. (“Almost Famous,” duh.)

Amber HeardSpeaking of good movies, boy, “Drive Angry” does not look like one. But, um, Amber is still pretty – and in 3D.

Emily HainesI want Emily to dance around in sparkly shirts and fierce boots while filling my heart with joy forever and ever. And if that sparkly top happens to be a tank top, all the better.

Debbie HarryDebbie doesn’t need to dance around to fill my heart with joy forever and ever. Those cheekbones are more than enough.

Angie HarmonSo much is happening here. A plane. A headset. All that cleavage. I have no idea where this is from. I am completely OK with that. (p.s. You’re reading the Rizzoli & Isles Retro Subtext Recaps, right? Right.)

See, best not to over think things.


Fiona said...

Thanks for my fix :)

I'm even wearing a tank top today. Unfortunately, it's hidden under my hoodie :( not QUITE warm enough yet!

Norma Desmond said...

Mmmmmm... Angie Harmon. So much cleavage. Bound to make my very long day much, much better!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Kate Hudson was in 200 Cigarettes, and she was great. Which is why I feel so conflicted about her and her crap movies. Damnit Kate, you were cute!

Advizor54 said...

Go see "Secretariat".

I saw "Titanic" and enjoyed it, but Pssst, (it sinks)

*** GayGirl *** said...

Oh Dorothy, it sounds like you have been missing out. BIG TIME! You need to watch "Agent Cody Banks" as soon as possible, because the picture of Angie Harmon is - or definitely could be - from that movie.

I stumbled across this movie one Sunday afternoon recently... and ended up watching the entire movie (mouth open) because of Angie Harmon's cleavage. Oh yeah, and the extremely tight outfits she wore didn't turn me away either.

It's close to being lesbian erotica, and I know how dirty that sounds, but words cannot explain how big (pun intended!) a part of the movie features her cleavage.

You're welcome.... and enjoy! ;o)

N!k!t@ said...

That shot of Angie is definitly from Cody Banks. The movie was on tv last night, and I was sort of watching while online but when Angie showed up (and boy did she ever!) I just froze, stared and possibily drooled. Also downloaded the movie for multiple viewings.

Go watch it now, and you can even fast forward through all the other stuff. *whispers* it´s not a good movie.

Sara said...

Mmmmmmmm…echoes on the Angie Harmon cleavage… she is so HOT. MHMMM! will look for the cody banks flic, thak you ladies. Dorothy… go and see "Secretariat" … REALLY. It was good , and though some may disagree - I knew who won and still felt plenty of suspense and quite a rush at the end.
P.s. who knew Diane Lane would look so cute in a tank (not I) , so thanks for that!! GO SEE IT!

TrueTor said...

Dear Dorothy,
Thanks for the awesome birthday present!! I was sooo hoping you'd do a Tank Top Tuesday today :) I'm trying to delete stuff to free up memory on my computer but I definitely need to save that pic of Angie Harmon!!! You rock!!!

Anonymous said...

You want to know another Amber Heard movie that's not so good but full of goodness?

John Carpenter's The Ward. Not only Amber, but also Mamie Gummer, Lyndsy Fonseca, Danielle Panabaker and Laura Leigh.

Anonymous said...

Echoing the above, the picture of AH is from Cody Banks, and yes, she is the only reason to watch that one. But what a reason...