Thursday, January 07, 2010

We need a resolution

Only one week into the new decade and I’m already behind. Can you turn over a new leaf when a bunch of old ones are still covering the lawn? Now, I’m not normally the kind of gal to make formal New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to brainstorm and then take my results into casual consideration so the disappointment of not completing any of them isn’t a crushing at the end of the year. Hmm, note to self: add something about optimism this year. But in honor of a fresh new decade (the tens, one more decade and we all get to wear flapper outfits and drink gin from bathtubs again), I’ve decided to make my resolutions official this year. And, as with everything I do, I’ll look at them through the cotton-candy colored lens of pop culture.

Ms. Snarker’s New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Read better.
Now, granted, I read a lot now. In fact, I’m constantly reading and writing and reading so I can write more. But I’d like to read less fluff and filler (and, let’s face it, internet) and more substance and style. Basically, I need to read better, more challenging books. Though, my alternate plan should my high-minded literary aspirations fall through is to find and marry the person at Borders who keeps making such sly social commentary through shelving.

2. Move more.
Most of my waking (and occasionally a few of my non-waking if I can get away with it) hours are spent in front of a glowing rectangle. Which, in turn, requires a certain level of sedentariness. Given the homicidal tendencies my gym evokes, my plan is to Wii myself out of my holiday fat pants. If I’m going to look sweaty and klutzy, why not do it from the comfort of my living room? Alas so far my plan has been thwarted by chronic shortage of the EA Sports Active game I had planned to buy. I fear if I buy the Jillian “If I fall in love with a woman, that’s awesome. If I fall in love with a man, that’s awesome” Michaels game instead, all I’ll do is stare sedentarily at her abs. Not that I’m not considering it, mind you.

3. Be responsive.
This is really short-hand for “Answer your damn email.” When I started this blog and for most of its existence I’ve been truthful to my “I write back” mantra. But this past year things got out of hand. Like 1,000 messages in my inbox waiting impatiently for an answer out of hand. I apologize to everyone who so graciously wrote me in the last year that I haven’t had a chance to write back. Please know that I’ve read every single email, tweet, PM, whathaveyou. I’m trying to do better. I promise.

4. Follow through.
I am a procrastinator from way back. In fact, if I don’t have a definitive deadline it pretty much doesn’t get done. That’s why this blog is nice – once a day, no excuses (even if it’s occasionally later in the day thank I’d like – cough, like now, cough). But I need to cut out the dawdling and just get all Nike on my life. So I just need to follow through and finish what I sta…

So, kittens, that’s it. Four simple rules to live by in 2010. I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours.


R.H. Ducky said...

i'm pretty sure i had something to say, but i'm still drooling over jillian's abs.

oh yeah, i decided not to do resolutions this year. instead i'm doing the whole day zero thing. you can check it out at goals in 1001 days. wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Huh, what, did you say something...**can't take eyes away from Jillian!***

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have chosen them better myself FOR myself. In fact, I am completely 'on board' with all four of those resolutions - especially washboard abs a la Jillian Michaels as well.

Here's to 2010.

Cheryl said...

I'm a creature of the internet, so HabitForge is working for me:

Big Shamu said...

I'm just tickled pink that I get to come here everyday and become one with the Dorothy. As long as the blog keeps coming that's all the resolution I need.

Norma Desmond said...

Yeah, I'm still working on mine. I'd like them to be doable and positive-life-change-y at the same time. I like that last one of yours, though, for sure, given that I am a fellow procrastinator.

NorthboundToLoop said...

yes yes yes to the Borders man!

Robin said...

2010 resolutions:
1) Don't take things personally
2) Stop judging people based on the movies they like
3)finally watch Mad Men

Making Space said...

Mine is to live my life.

crustybastard said...

I haven't tried EA Sports Active, but I have been using the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout for Wii.

It's pretty much solid boxing with some a la carte calisthenics, if you're into that. Some of the calisthenics support the balance board.

The game provides a good workout, with surprising fidelity to what you'd do at a real boxing gym (without the dude funk). It's far more challenging than WiiFit (which I use as a warmup) and I am actually losing weight with it. GGCW is comparatively cheap too, at around $20.

Moreover, I'm also diligently working toward earning enough credits to buy the expensive bear costume in the virtual shop. Yep, for some reason I've become motivated to throw punches dressed as a panda.

Morgan said...

I think you have taken too much on.

Karin said...

My mom bought me the new Jillian game for Xmas (if she only knew....). While staring at the abs, Jillian kicks ass. I'm in pretty good shape, but hadn't worked out for a month because of my job. Turned the game on one day last week without stretching ahead of time and I was still sore two days later.

Gianoula said...

i do wii tennis in the Sports-package. Its the only thing i can win haha.
Procrasting? We saw a group on facebook yesterday:"i have a motivation problem until i have a time problem ":)

ysubassoon said...

For Christmas, I received a cookbook that has been a bestseller in France for three generations. I am very excited about it and have already stained many of its pages with drool (as I would if I owned anything related to Jillian Michaels). My resolution is to master (be able to cook without the recipe) twenty recipes from that book. This resolution probably should not be on your list, since it would help you into more fat pants instead of out of them.