Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last Target

I think my Fake Internet Girlfriend just broke up with me. Or, more accurately, she broke up with The Interwebs. Though, it’s possible we’re just on a break. Sarah Haskins has ended her very funny, very smart, very funny (no really, it bears repeating) series “Target Women” for Current. Yes, yes – tears, hair-pulling, possibly a little wailing. I am trying to be brave. But all is not lost, this will definitely not be the last we see of Sarah.

In an interview with Jezebel yesterday, Sarah talked about her pride in Target Women and her plans for the future. My Our gal has not one but two screenplays in the works: “Book Smarts” and “Lunch Lady” (the latter with Amy freaking Poehler attached). And she also has a webshort called “DILF” coming out soon. Now while I’m sure it’ll be hilarious, I’m less into hot dads and more into Sarah’s advice for picking up hot chicks. What? Who said these segments can’t be educational?

Alas, these are the last of Sarah’s little feminist funnies we’ll be seeing. I am happy to report that I’ve featured three of her four favorite episodes already: Cleaning, “Number Two” and Ann Curry. Ladyfriends is the only one I missed. But not anymore!

But before we let Sarah go to that better place (that being the land of successful Hollywood scriptwriters, not that “farm” your parents took Rover to when you were 8), let’s enjoy a little more of her excellent marksmanship.




Oh, Sarah. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Thank God for yogurt.

p.s. And she even slipped a tank top in for Tuesday. My Fake Internet Ex-Girlfriend really is the best, isn’t she?


Anonymous said...

That shoe commercial in 'Lady Friends' is the gayest thing I've seen today. The lady in the suit is not looking at her friend's hot shoes, and neither was I.

SALOU said...

Never heard of her! i learned so much these last weeks wia the se blogging sphere, i like it! where was i the past years???? ah well..i do know the answer to that question.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Ah, lady friends. Supportive, competitive, and an endless fount of shopping knowledge. I wouldn't have a Swiffer without my lady friends. No, I'd stupidly be tangled up with a broom and mop combo.

Unknown said...

She is incredible. Where had she been all my life! Love her.

Making Space said...

I never heard of her before. Loved all those, too bad she's all done, sigh... great stuff!