Friday, January 22, 2010

My Weekend Crush

Now, I don’t want this taken the wrong way. Dakota Fanning is 15. That’s a 1 and a 5 and that is way too young for any kind of funny business whatsoever. This is not that kind of crush, so banish the thought. Banish. Instead I’m just enormously impressed with this wee lass who we’ve watched go from an adorably precocious tyke to an impressively precocious teenager. It’s refreshing to see someone grow up without the seemingly requisite starlet drama. And now as she is poised to step into the high-heeled boots of Cherie Currie in “The Runaways,” I’m flat-out floored. We already know that Dakota, Kristen and company certainly look the part. But I still I had plenty of doubts about fresh-faced Dakota donning a bustier and cherry bombing her way into rock history as a member of the seminal all-girl band. But after seeing this first clip of her – all attitude and eye rolls – I think she might just make the movie. Look, I know all the gay girls swoon over K-Stew. But biting one’s lower lip does not a Joan Jett make. Not that I’ve given up hope for her to power chord her way to infamy, too. But it’s Dakota who surprises me the most. I know it’s only rock and roll but I think I’m going to like Dakota in it. A lot. Happy weekend, all.


sugababe said...

nice post!
I read the script and now I cannot really wait for the movie to come out in Europe!
Dakota Fanning - yes, you can! see you at the -insert award name here- next year!

Bent said...

Yes, I do believe that this girl can conquer any part placed in front of her. She seems to have been born to do this job, and I look forward to watching her career unfold as a young adult. I am expecting to just get lost in this movie, and forget the fact that she is so young. I believe she is that kind of actress.

Anonymous said...

Gee Maybe one day you'll have a crush on an adult instead on constantly bordering on pedophiliac boundaries week after week, month after month, year after year with the same underaged white girls. Oh I kmow they comprise the majority of your readers, the rest consisting over overweight bitter middle aged homebodies who think that identifying a typo in indicative of superior intellect..but is this all you have to offer?

Jan_Ham said...

I confess until today's posting, Miss Snarker, I had little interest in seeing the movie in question, but given my trust in your taste and insight as a cultural critic, you have lured me in for a viewing. Your wisecrack, "But biting one’s lower lip does not a Joan Jett make," is pure gold.

Anonymous said...

Oh miss anonymous 9:12, chill out. Snarker's telling us about what's happening on the lesbo scene, which isn't about wanting to f*** a 15 yr old. This is a movie with lesbo theme that's all.

Thanks for the K-stew comment about biting her lip! Hah! I'd add that it looks like a really good Shane imitation as well. Look down, cast eyes up, smile. ALl while looking a little butch and looking at a girl.

I'll see the flick! Hope they did a good job.

Norma Desmond said...

Ok, I admit it... I'm starting to get a little excited for this movie.

rocketdyke said...

LOL anonymous 9:12, "week after week, month after month, year after year" - must be both infinitely patient and optimistically deluded if after ALL THIS TIME you're still expecting to come to this blog and find... what? something utterly different? just give up and read something else! its a big internets out there.

i was extremely skeptical about this movie, partly because i find dakota fanning very creepy. but the more i see little peeks of it, the more im convinced it will be worth checking out. plus, i love joan jett, i really want to like it...

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Anonymous said...

k-stew, less impressive than i expected in that. dakota, way more so. anon 0912, total douche.

Anonymous said...

i must say that a few years ago my partner started on with Hermione Granger from Harry Potter with similar comments-- she was 14 in the movie story but 16 in real life. i find it a bit too young for my taste-- but i err on the older woman side than the younger!

D.M. SOLIS said...

Dear Ones,

Intriguing clip. Huge part for Dakota. Time will tell. Let's see.

Thanks for posting. Peace and continued good things for you in writing and in life.


Anonymous said...

*I (L) KRISTEN STEWART, not so much Dakota.

Anonymous said...

Just because it's a crush it doesn't mean anything.For me crushes are not sexual. So i understand the crush on Dakota. I like her in all her movies, she's cool & can't wait to see her rock out in The Runaways.

Nguoi Lon said...

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