Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tank Top Tuesday

I like my women doing everyday things in tank tops. Because the unique charms of the tank are applicable in almost any situation. Like with our friend Alexandra Hedison grabbing a bite to eat. Glad she decided against buttering that toast though, because we all know her penchant for getting carried away with knives. My point, and do have something close to one, is that the tank top is a versatile accessory which is appropriate for any activity.

Zhang ZiyiWhen considering how best to recycle the morning paper.

Alison LohmanWhen quenching one’s thirst after a day of garden work.

Zoe SaldanaWhen moisturizing before bedtime.

Charlize TheronWhen contemplating the theory of relativity.

Jennifer Tilly & Gina GershonWhen plotting how to rip off the mob and have great lesbian sex.

Jessica BielWhen hunting vampires, duh.

Anna FrielWhen stewing over the injustice of canceling “Pushing Daisies.”

Kate BeckinsaleWhen thoughtfully testing the room temperature before guests arrive. Verdict: It’s a little nippy.


Norma Desmond said...

Always love Tank Top Tuesday. And that last one will have me chuckling all day. Happy Tuesday!

kim said...

I will go on record saying that there has never been a sexier lesbian than Corky in Bound.

I'd walk thru fire to kiss those lips and be gazed upon by those eyes....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

a little nippy! LOL

Anonymous said...

wow. Yeah, that last one made my day.

jetgirl said...

re: temperature gauge via Beckinsale's tank top

I think the proper term is "Nipply" ;)

Katie said...

Tank Top Tuesday makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

It's my birthday and you put up a pic of the hottest woman in the world. THANK YOU.