Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tank Top Tuesday

Welcome to Tank Top Tuesday: Top Chef Edition. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the end for the Bravo culinary contest as the first half of the two-part finale airs. It’s been a long, hard, asshat-filled season. But it has also had a bevy of very gifted, very deserving, very adorable female chefs. For the first time in Top Chef history, three of the final four are women. And what’s better than having three talented women make the finals? Having three talented women make the finals while wearing tank tops, of course!

Now, I’m going to cheat and include Padma in this parade of tank tops. Technically she is wearing a tank dress and not a tank top. But I seriously doubt anyone will mind. I mean, uh, look.

Also, she dances. Oh, dear God, I may not make it until Wednesday.

The finale is in sunny Puerto Rico and our cheftestants are all dressed for the occasion. Heck, chefbian Lisa even got a very special lesbian haircut for the occasion. In fact, the entire final four is working their inner lesbian with their tropical looks. I mean, Stephanie and Lisa are practically twinsies.

And Richard and Lisa now have matching gay hair. I half expect to see gratuitous product placement for Olivia Cruises along with the ubiquitous Glad, GE and Toyota name drops.

So, ladies, and gentleman, start your sauté pans. It’s finale time! Is it hot in here, or is that just Padma? Mmm, Padma, mmm...


The Big Shamu said...

Whoo HOOO!!!! Never have I looked forward to a Tank Top Tuesday, Top Chef Style. Meaty women, tropical fruits, swirling dervish Padma. GO CHEFBIANS (faux or otherwise).

This message has been brought to you by the Fine Family of Glad Products, Glad, Invading Your Home Whether You Want Us or Not!

Eleanor said...

Yay for "real women" on tank top Tuesday!

And btw, I also noticed that the hairstyles on the show seem to be converging. It's almost like lesbians in long term relationships that start to dress alike...


Pyewacket said...

I am excited that the women ended up dominating this season! I love Stephanie and Antonia...I am rooting for 1 of them to win Top Chef. And the cherry on the sundae of Top-Chef-ness is Padma in island dresses. Can't wait! :P

Anonymous said...

Just because you like the show doesn't mean the ladies are worth ogling over. I mean I think Stephanie is great but in a tank top, hmm. And Lisa's bitchiness has just crossed a line, or several, for me. Gay is great but it doesn't change the visceral reaction to an unlikeable person. As for round and attractive, there are many, like my hon.
Hey, what do you think of Ivanka Trump? I feel manipulated whenever I look at her.


CupidsReviews Heidi said...

What channel is this show on? Or can I find it on the net? I love cooking shows!

Plush said...

on bravo with what padma is wearing

CupidsReviews Heidi said...

Thanks Plush!