Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Interview’s on

[Click to meet Lisa, the Big Bad Lesbian of Season 4.]


Jan_Ham said...

Thanks for interviewing Lisa. I'm still delighted Stephanie won, but it's pleasant to learn Lisa is more than the Top Chef editors would have us believe. Your interview provided a much more realistic point of view on the participants. It also provided those of us still living through the post-Top Chef-letdown a welcome respite. You rock, Dorothy!

Miss XaXa said...

Fantastic interview!

While my encounter over the weekend with Chef Stephanie was brief, we did discuss the hostility a number of blogs (and several chat rooms and/or commenters) are directing at Lisa...Stephanie agreed that Lisa has been unfairly targeted as the villain, adding that they chat weekly...I’m thrilled Stephanie won, yet so happy Lisa rocked it in the finale!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

After watching the TC reunion show, everyone we thought was an asshat is an asshat. Also, I remain unconvinced that I'd actually want to eat a dish prepared by Lisa. Was she demonized by editing? Without question. Is she a good cook? Eh.