Monday, June 09, 2008

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[Click Padma and Mr. Incredulous for the penultimate recap.]

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Pyewacket said...

Oh don't even get me started...I am just glad Padma came to her senses! lol

I tell you how Padma won me over...she did one guest co-host spot on The View and it was one of Rosie's last shows (though no one knew it at the time). Anyway, there was this whole picnic segment where the co-hosts were to try the various snacks and alcoholic drinks. Only Padma joined in with Rosie to have a beer and do some dipping with whipped topping...they got a bit tipsy and the next thing I know, Rosie and Padma are giggling...and Padma is wiping some topping off of Rosie with her fingers and then licking her fingers.

From that moment on, I just knew that Padma was my kind of woman. :)