Monday, June 23, 2008

Ms. Snarker submits to the Editrix

Ms. Snarker, Editrix. Editrix, Ms. Snarker. Just in case you wanted to know about some of my grammatical peccadilloes (ahem), here are my “5 Questions With...” answers at the Editrix. Past answerees have included Frank McCourt, Sarah Waters, Harry Shearer, Susie Bright and many, many more people infinitely more qualified than me. Or is it I? No, me. Damn you, grammar.


Natazzz said...

Thank you Ms. Snarker, for making me aware of Editrix.

You gotta love a blog with the byline "...and for anyone who thinks grammar is hot" (Yes, mine usually sucks...but I do think those that use it correctly are hot)

jess-nutt said...

And it's totally I!

But great interview!

Editrix said...

Thanks again for the link, Madame Snarker -- and for agreeing to the interview.

By the way, I keep trying to think of a way to sneak a "Tank Top Tuesday"-like feature onto my blog, because really, it's impossible to OD on hot women in tank tops. Believe you me: the next time I see a celebrity wearing a tank top that has any form of punctuation on it (a huge, stylized semicolon, for example), I'll be all over it.

Anonymous said...

It for sure is "I".